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All of us have dreamt of having the greatest careers. We hardly get to work as part of our dream professions and when we get in contact with someone who is willing to sell us that dream, we are often ready to seize the opportunity. You cannot blame a beautiful fresh face girl for believing that her future will be much better. After all, the last thing the girls want to do is to work as porn stars in order to make ends meet. The irony is that the girls on Russian Fake Agent end up doing what they never thought that they would do in order to get a contract for their dream modeling job.

There is no doubt that they need to make better decisions but their lack of judgment is what has enabled as to enjoy this site. There is a fake Russian agent on the streets to look out for. The catch is that when they meet the enticing man, they have no clue that he is simply selling to them pipe dreams. However, they choose to believe them and go to the castings. This is the beginning of the entertaining action.

Russian Fake Agent is an adult site that brings all of its member’s scenes that features sexy models without a clue. They are taken advantage of and this makes for the most enticing entertainment. There are many “fake casting sites” but this one has to take the cake. In efforts to give you a sneak peek at unique scenes, the action begins with a conversation on the streets and ends with a hot fucking session. Russian Fake Agent does not leave anything to chance. The site guarantees that you will always enjoy all of your viewing moments. While most girls are shy to do many things in front of the camera, Russian Fake Agent goes all the way to prove that any girl will do anything for the amazing modeling role. The site represents a plethora of broken dreams. The scenes on Russian Fake Agent have been scripted but you can hardly tell that everything is part of a big act. The producers are most certainly experts who only want to bring the best to you on a silver platter…. and they do!

All the content is exclusive and there is no limit as to how many images you can enjoy. While most sites only try to promise good things for the sake of publicity, Russian Fake Agent most definitely practices what it preaches. All of the scenes are well-made and introduce a fun aspect that will ensure that you are glued to the screen.

Everything about it is pretty classic. The kind of entertainment that you will receive will glue you to the screen. There is also the aspect of bonus content that you can always enjoy when you need a break from what the site has to offer. However, a doubt that you will want to stop enjoying this collection.

Russian Fake Agent has all the right tools that will ensure that you enjoy the tour. As part of Private Network, the site embodies a similar design that you will see on all of other Private Network sites. The design is modern enough to capture your attention. The trailers are fairly short but they will give you a sneak peek into the videos that you will enjoy if you become a full member of the site.

The playback quality of the scenes is smooth and there are no complaints in regards to this. When it comes to accessing the content, the scenes can be downloaded in MP4 or streamed online. Each typical scene is about half an hour long and this will ensure that you make the most of all your viewing moments.

The models on Russian Fake Agent are clearly not the smartest of the bunch. They are still buying the old classic adage of a fake agent promising them a casting job that never was. But this does not mean that they are not attractive. You do not have to buy their innocent look and passive demeanor, they will shock you with all of the sweetness that they have underneath their sexy panties. In terms of physical features, all of the girls have typical model bodies. After all, they are casting for a modeling job, aren’t they?

Russian Fake Agent brings a lot of fun and hardcore reality. The agent is up to a lot of naughtiness by spreading their pussies’ wide open and eating them raw. He enjoys getting kinky at all times. There is no doubt that he pulled out all the tricks in the book to ensure that you are truly entertained. The girls do a good job of pretending that they do not have a clue of what is going on. They go to the extent of taking their boyfriends to casting sessions without their partners knowing that they are going to fuck the fake casting agent.

Some of the content is presented in POV manner as the agent is able to film everything that is going on while fucking the girls. They leave with a smile so, their faces, this is to say that they enjoyed what was dished out to them. However, as they exit, there is no promise of a call back and this proves that they have been duped.


Russian Fake Agent is a highly entertaining site that has proven that fake casting sites still have a lot to offer. It is clear that you will be in good company at all times.

“This site is no longer online, take a tour of the best paid porn sites!”

Marco Falco

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