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Reviewed on: 25/10/2014
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There is something special about these brown-skinned women. They have the perfect suntanned skin that glows from within. The sun definitely did them a great favor. They all look so invigorating and inviting. Aside from their skin, they have the eyes that will surely captivate you. From hazel brown to raven black eyes – eyes that are full of mystery and will captivate your attention. Their eyes hold a thousand secrets and one of them is the secret they possess with being sexual animals.

Introducing Yellow Spinners – a website that will provide you over 10,000 videos of hot and horny Asians mentioned above. These girls do things beyond your imagination. If most Asians look innocent and fragile, these girls know how to take a heavy and hardcore fucking! Watch these ladies moan and scream at the top of their lungs from too much pleasure as they have multiple orgasms! You will surely get yourself a hard boner and sore arms.

If there’s one word that will describe Yellow Spinner’s website, it will be Simple. The design is outright simple that even people who are not very familiar with using computer and handheld devices will not have a hard time navigating through the page. I like the color scheme that they used. They opted for neutral colors with less vibrancy. This somehow adds up to the sultry atmosphere. After all, you wouldn’t want a porn site with different vibrant colors because it would totally attract people’s attention and you would want for people to leave you alone with your business.

Going back to the design, I also like how they tried to minimize putting texts and maximizing the space by placing a grid of pictures showcasing the juiciest part of the sex videos. These thumbnails will surely entice you to watch the videos. However, since the website is exclusive only for its members, you have to register for an account but you don’t have to worry about this because the registration is so easy. All you have to do is Fill out the necessary information such as providing you username, password, and email. Next is simply choosing the type of subscription and payment method you prefer. You’re lucky because they provide a 1-day trial membership. If you’re can’t make a month-long commitment, it’s good for a starter. Just click on the Join button located at the right side of the top of the page. It won’t take you a long time to look for it because all of the buttons are easily seen due to their neat design.

Once you successfully register, you can experience all the benefits of being a member. Such benefits include online streaming and downloading of videos. Whether you like streaming the video online or downloading the video for future pleasure purposes, it’s totally up to you. The website will provide you fast download and streaming speed. This will ensure you with hundreds of hours of uninterrupted porn watching and fapping! Just make sure you’re alone because it would be sad if you’d get blue balls every time you hit pause when someone’s knocking at your door.

The website provides daily updates to provide interesting and new videos that the members could masturbate on. In order for their members to avoid getting bored by watching the same content over and over, they have decided to update the videos every day. This will surely add up to the huge collection of videos that the porn site is proud of.
Lastly, I like how the page for customer support looked. It has a modern touch with it. I don’t need to read a lot of texts since they try to maximize the use of symbols for it.

These girls may look like they can’t lift a heavy chair but they surely could take such heavy pounding from different who are almost twice their size. If you look at their facial expression and listen to their moans, you’d figure that they have tight pussies because they scream out of pleasure from feeling the entire penis being inside their tight vagina. Once these guys start going fast, you’ll hear them scream louder until you see them involuntarily shiver from reaching climax. These girls are certainly made for tough loving! Why do I say these things? Simply because all of the details I just mentioned are obvious in the video.

The quality is so clear and high that it will not let you miss a single detail. You’d see the cum dripping from their sweet and wet pussies very clearly. There are no problems with lighting because they staged the videos quite decently. They sure know what a good quality porn film is. The videos usually last 10-30 minutes – depending on the directing and the background of the story. These girls surely know how to give a juicy blowjob, going fast and deep. They know how to suck and clean these men’s pipes! It would be hard to keep your call for these women. They will send your penis into total erection and you would find it hard to resist to jack off.


By providing high-quality videos and exquisite women that will surely captivate the men’s hearts and boners, becoming a member is surely the right choice. I’m sure that you won’t regret being a member of Yellow Spinners for they do not only have affordable subscription fees but they also provide the best quality of videos, photos, and services. All of these perks will be enjoyed once you continue and stay as a member. These kinds of privileges and deals are so hard to find. So indulge your eyes with these lovely Asians and start stroking that hot, red, and erect rod of yours! Who knows, brown might become your favorite color after exploring the porn site!

Marco Falco

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