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Reviewed on: 08/03/2017
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Whenever you are on a vacation, you want to fuck that cute and sexy girlfriend of yours, or the lonely MILF who spends her days yearning for a hot and hard rod to grill her barely fucked pussy. At times, you are lucky and get to fuck the sirens but often, this is not the case. If you have been harbouring such fantasies, then you should subscribe to HomeTownHoneys.

HomeTownHoneys is a contemporary porn site that offers you insanely crazy sex videos of amateurs, MILFs and lesbians who live in your neighbourhood. These chicks and sirens are people you normally find in your day-to-day life and can give you a rocking time when you fuck them. Though they look simple, these are the dirtiest and naughtiest girls you will find and are experts in giving you a blowjob, deep throat, or taking your dick in their ass or even a couple of dicks into their cunts simultaneously.

HomeTownHoneys has got all the elements of a great site. These elements gel together to give you a site that would put many contemporaries to shame. That’s the reason why we are here, to discuss what these elements are and how they combine to give you an amazing time jerking off to its videos and pornstars.

The pure and simple truth regarding HomeTownHoneys is that it is a great site. But greatness comes with a lot of hard-work, and the creators of this site have ensured that no stone is left unturned to come up with HomeTownHoneys. The design elements are spot-on and everything on the website has a place.

The first thing that will strike you on accessing the site is the colour scheme. While there are other colours, what strikes you is the combination of green and honey yellow, or rather amber. It looks pleasing and gives you a soothing effect. Green indicates the greenery of your neighbourhood, and how you took advantage of the trees to run behind your favourite siren. Or you stole warm kisses behind the trees with that lonely MILF and made her crave for your dick. The honey colour is soothing to the eyes. Honey is used to give a glowing complexion and is an indication of the kind of complexion these sirens have. There are honeybees and jars of honey at different places.

The green and amber form the background of the text, tabs and videos and photos. Towards the left and right of this background, the empty space has a newspaper print design. This design spreads across the length and height of the site.

You will find numerous naked chicks in the banner and one hot slut at the bottom of the site. The banner gives you the look and feel of a neighbourhood with rows of houses, trees and wooden fences. The sluts in the banner are cool and have no hesitation in showing their most widely recognized assets, their breasts and dark and erect nipples. The siren at the bottom of the page is totally naked, lying down on her side and has her legs spread across, to give you a beautiful view of her sexy pussy. Her V-shaped bush is sparse and this adds to the sultriness of the cunt. Oh, how I would love to fuck that hole of hers till she drowned in the pleasure of the sex!

A green box, below the banner, provides links to various parts of the site, such as Members, Sign Up and Continue. You can view a maximum of three tour pages, after which you must register to be a member.

Below the link box, there are descriptions for a video series. For example, Local Latinas is a series that offers you the hottest Latina neighbours for you to fuck. This series has a description on an amber background. Below this series description, on a green box with white outlines, the series title is found. Within a wooden frame, you will find a video trailer to the left, a description of the video on a piece of paper to the right and four pictures pinned to the soft-board of the frame below these. The video has a black outline containing some text and the format in which the videos can be downloaded or viewed streaming to your computer.

To view the video trailers, you must register yourself with this site, even just for a two-day trial pack. You can then convert this to a monthly, quarterly or annual plans, based on your convenience. However, if you heed to our words, you should opt for the annual plan so that you can get significant discounts as compared to the monthly plan.

Here comes the most interesting part of the review. The chicks that you would want to fuck. How do you want to call these chicks? Sluts, sirens, bitches or cunts? Whatever you call them by, you will get the most amazing sexperience from this site. Jerking off to these cunts will be a pleasure that cannot be equaled.

My bone of contention was that you will start liking the chicks and feel one with them. This allows your jerk-off experience to achieve significant heights of pleasure. The performances of these sluts are very natural, and that adds to your sexperience. When you see the pornstar performing the role of a lonely housewife, you want to really fuck her and give her the pleasure of having your cock inside her. When she is fucked, she loves to do nasty and dirty things. The sluts do not mind having orgies and gangbangs, and are desperate to invite a few hot dudes to bang them in all their holes.

The sirens have been very carefully chosen so that you get to see their most important assets very prominently. Their assets include their boobs, pussies and cunts and assholes, not to forget the beautifully sculpted curves that highlight the sexiness of their bodies. Pierced navels, perky and pointed nipples, perfectly shaped round boobs and asses as soft as a pillow are indications of how good the sluts and the site are.

You seem to be keen to rush-out and start making friends with those neighbours of yours, eh! Well, why take the trouble when you can masturbate to HomeTownHoneys? Read this conclusion and then sign up to masturbate to the sirens of HomeTownHoneys.


Okay, okay! I give up. Don’t be impatient. Allow me to complete this review and then you can do whatever you want. You have everything that you wanted to know about HomeTownHoneys. Now it is your turn to do what is best for you. I am sure you will scroll your mouse to the Join Now link and click it. So, are you waiting for my green signal? Or would you do it yourself? I am off now, so you can do whatever you want. Happy Fapping To You!

Marco Falco

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