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Reviewed on: 23/03/2014
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POVD is a site where people come to see girls get fucked and suck cocks from the first person view. POV means point of view, and in this case, the point of view is that of the males. The videos are incredibly beautiful to watch, and the sex scenes are amazing, not to mention hardcore, with the added passion, to make things even more interesting, and to satisfy a variety of viewers, both the hardcore ones and those of a meeker nature.

The site is welcoming, in more ways than one, the first one being its home page, which gives you a proper greeting. Once you land on the page, the giant animated windows showing scenes from a video will be the first thing that you will see. That very animated window shows many scenes from the videos, and they are wonderful to look at, because of the girls, who are just dreamy, and because of the resolution, which is large, as well. The rest of the page hosts many more previews, albeit not as big as the one mentioned, and they are every bit as tantalizing, too.

The site is simple to browse, with clear guidelines on how to get to the videos section and how to join, as well. I loved that the site had no log, because browsing becomes so much easier, then, and especially on the mobile devices, all of them, in fact, because the site is optimized, and not just speedy, as a person might expect from such a simple, yet such a great design.

I love watching the videos on this site, as the girls are dreamy. The first person view intensifies the experience, as you get to see how a male would feel like in those situations, getting a blowjob, getting ridden by a girl, and then fucking them. The girls love anal sex, which means that you get to see some sweet rim jobs, ones that lead to screaming orgasms, those that will have you with your mouths gaping, begging for more. Getting to the point of no return with this site and its content is a breeze, something that will happen very quickly, something that will actually seduce you and bring you satisfaction, in more ways than one.

The videos are in full HD, resolution high enough to see all the details, all the things that might arouse you, the close ups, the pleasure they take in getting creampies and facials. There are perks to being a member on this site, and those would be unlimited downloads and streaming of the videos. You have many formats to choose from, the MPEG and the WMV, as well as the formats for the IPhone, the Android devices and the BlackBerry.


With so many perks for such a cheap price, this site becomes a gold mine for those who love porn, especially porn of a high quality, both in resolution and in the content. POVD is a site where details come to life in hardcore sex scenes, ones that are updated triweekly and which you can download, as many as you like, and is a site where passion meets that hardcore, for the ultimate pleasurable experience.

Marco Falco

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