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Reviewed on: 10/02/2016
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SuperGlamBabes is a site of hotties with glamour and willing to show you a piece of their sexual endowment in great quality video and photos. It is essentially about nudity and some steamy action between these sexy cuties. If you are turned at the sight of boobs, pussy or even bum or cherry of a famous porn model, I guess you could start your hunt right on this site.

The site is decently presented with a couple of user-friendly tools to browse and view spectacular scenes of hot girls in action. The background décor is generally white. There are many thumbnail captions that capture the action in video and photo scenes. I loved the sense of order. You are quickly led to a categories outline that points to the entertainment you can expect under your subscription.

There is no search tool available but the alternatives worked just fine for me. After catching up with the latest updates, I checked out the girls one by one before I cruised to the lesbian videos. It was fairly easy for me and I think it will be just as entertaining and seamless for other clients. There are a lot more photos than videos. The site owners have stuck with the photos and boosted the reserve a lot more than the videos. All content can be downloaded and accessed via a range of mobile devices too.

I could view the l action behind my work desk when I felt a little overwhelmed by job challenges. When you are working in a busy office that leaves you little for entertainment, I guess you could bring entertainment to your desk; just so you keep pumping up your zeal a little with live streaming of the SuperGlamBabes on your phone. There aren’t live cam shows offered, or even bonus sites access. The site believes that you can get a lot more than you bargained for right from the content inside.

The girls are hot and fresh. I loved the enthusiastic feel each of them exudes. The site presents you with plenty of naughty photos involving girls in telling nudity scenes. There is also a reasonable amount of lesbian steamy sex action.

I was swept off my feet by sweet Carla Cox. She is stylish and seductive. I love the way she shyly looks at the camera. The girl knows how to turn you on. If you thought that you have to watch videos to have your crotch steaming up with excitement, try Carla. The girl is simply magnificently graceful She is captured in sexy heels and hot designer lingerie as she smiles shyly and suggestively at the camera. Carla is the ideal beauty queen when she gets down having sex with a fellow model. Carla’s mates never know what’s coming; until she takes full charge of their sex encounters.

There are 9 videos that come with varied playback times. There is a whopping 332 galleries that contain 118 photos in each. All content is presented in MP4 file format.


SuperGlamBabes is a great site with high quality content. Their photo reserve is dominant over the videos. There are over 100 girls to thrill you out of your skin of restraint. The scenes are great. I only wish they could add more videos.

Marco Falco

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