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As the most hardcore blowjob site on the internet, 18BJ comprises of the hottest models who are ready to make you go insane with pleasure. These are not your mama’s blowjobs, they are over the top and promise to be the best scenes that you have ever watched. All of the cock sucking skills here represent what you may have seen before done exceptionally well, urging you to take the skills back to your bedroom. As far as entertainment is concerned, we are not complaining.

Boasting of one of the largest collection online, you will never run out of things to see on 18BJ. The site sticks to the script as far as the provision of the action is concerned. The thought of watching a girl’s face covered with cum is a fetish for any men. You will absolutely love all that they have dished out. All of the girls are sex-crazed for one reason or the other, maybe it is because they have not gotten down and dirty for a long time. Apart from that, they may have wanted to show off all of their newly acquired sexual tastes. Either way, it does not matter because you will still have a great time uncovering all that is in store for you. In fact, your blowjob preferences are relative because you will get an array of action. The models on this portal are highly entertaining and introduce you to a whole new world of satisfaction.

The site also boasts of great clarity and every video will resonate with you. This has to be the most exquisite pleasure around and those soft sexy lips closing over the heads of different cocks will truly mesmerize you.

18BJ is a site with a red white and black background that brings everything together exceptionally well. The site has a great arrangement that lets you access everything easily but systematically. At the very top of the page lie the site’s logs that let you know that you are home. There is also a link to the site’s Facebook page that urges you to like and share it together with a bookmark link that will enable you to save the site’s login page on your computer. This eliminates the tiresome login process that you may have to go through in your browser.

The site has delightfully subdivided its content into four sections including the homepage and live girls among others. Apart from 18BJ, you also get to access 18SchoolGirlz, another network site that promises you extra content. The videos are of crystal clear quality. Regardless of the fact that 18BJ has a massive number of scenes, it does not falter in the quality of provision of content. You can tell that the site’s experts have taken the time to ensure that your tour here is still unforgettable.

All of the flicks have different runtimes but all of them are within the 40-minute range. In comparison to other platforms, this is more than enough enjoyment time. The flicks are also tagged with the number of views, showing that 18BJ has a handful of members under its belt.

If you thought that you had seen it all in regards to dishing out pleasure through blowjobs then 18BJ is an adult platform, that is about to shock you. The models here are not hungry for a bowl of noodles, instead, they are dying to get loads of cum in their system. They go crazy as soon as they lay their eyes on a big cock, and their body language already tells that they cannot wait to feast on the long rod before them. They do everything to pleasure their partners, including gobbling up their manhood deep inside their throats so that they cannot be seen again.

Blondes, brunettes, and redheads have all made this roster. They cannot wait to excite you in more ways than one and as if they went for cock sucking training, they will be able to mesmerize you with this ability in between the sheets.

Whether they are lying down or standing, nothing can stop them from getting satisfaction at its absolute best. The process is simple, the men do not need to be totally naked in order to be pleasured, and instead, it only requires them to pull down their undies for these beauties to work their magic.

They excite you in several different ways, proving that you do not have to indulge in a full-on sexual encounter in order to be fulfilled. These are not your third-grade blowjobs. They will have you at the edge of your seat, begging for more. Once the deed is done, they drink cum as if it was the first time, almost as if they were getting to an oasis. The fresh faces take things to a whole other level and if this kind of action sounds appealing to you, then you will truly enjoy all that 18BJ has in store for you.


The blowjobs that are being dished out on this portal only go to show you that the level of excitement on 18BJ is out of this world. As a fresh-faced site, you have to keep up with the horniness in order to make the most of all the delightful surprises here. While some girls get satisfied with one cock, there are those who show that they can tackle four or five rods at ago. At times, the models spice things up by fighting over one cock. Your blowjob preferences here do not really matter because 18BJ makes sure to feature all that you love. The site comes highly recommended.

Marco Falco

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