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If there would be a couple of things that I’d wish for from a porn site, it’s these two things: first, that the porn site is an all-around one, meaning, I would not need to take a look into other porn sites anymore because the site already covers pretty much everything, and that second, I would love their videos to be of good quality. Other things would just fall into bonus points for me, if for instance, the porn site has new models all the time, or if it provides me access to other porn sites too (because after all, if it is already a complete site in itself, why would I need to access other sites in the first place, right?

My friends don’t understand this in saying that “focused” porn sites – or those that only feature a single niche, are better than the general ones. I understand where they’re coming from, but for a porn lover like me? I can never get contented in watching just a single niche for a whole month, let alone…forever. I want variety. So, with that being said, I want a well-balanced porn site that contains a couple of videos of everything. Not to mention that focused sites like the ones my friends like, could be pretty expensive. An average person has, let’s say, two to three genres or fetishes. This would mean that you would have to sign up for two to three porn sites in order to enjoy all of them! However, if you have a single porn site that has it all, then you only need to sign up for one. Plus, I also like the fact that because the genres presented vary, the updates differ too. You’re not stuck in an interracial site, for example, waiting for an update which you are a hundred percent sure, is going to be an interracial porn video anyway!
No, what I would want is an exciting site that contains a lot of different genres, that, when it updates, I would never be able to guess what I’m going to get next unless it was advertised in advance.

Having said all of these things, the porn site that I am going to write about today is a general porn site. One that offers a lot of different niches and genres, and of course, they are all in high-definition quality. The name of the site is Exxxtasy. Awesome, right? Now, let’s take a look at the porn site a little bit more.

The color theme of this porn site is pretty common. It’s red, black, and white. The reason might be because of the popular video streaming site whose “brand” has been copied by other streaming sites (including porn) hoping to mirror its popularity.

However, it is important to note that while the color theme of this porn site is also the same, it went beyond copying and made an entire brand of its own, which is a hundred percent unique. It has a classy and glamorous touch in it, which is even further apparent because of the glitter graphics that you’ll see across the page.

Exxxtasy also created their porn site to obviously impress their visitors. That is exactly what I felt after I have landed on their homepage. The sliding banner was awesome and filled with the sexiest pictures I’ve ever seen on porn, and scrolling down, the thumbnails were just the right size for displaying sizzling hot scenes!

It wasn’t really mentioned what type of women Exxxtasy focused on so it would be safe to assume that, just like their genres, the models that they have here are also a variety of different types of women. Most of the ladies I’ve seen so far though are Westerners. Busty blondes, brunettes, and blacks, wearing really classy lingerie while doing really dirty stuff! 

Also, I would like to mention that the guys that you are going to find here are a variety as well. Like I said, the porn niches being featured are different ones that would, of course, require the services of different types of guys too. So far, I’ve seen Latinos and big black dicks. 

Now let’s talk about the content. Like I said the genres vary so in just the first page, you will already see a couple of different videos such as interracial porn, MILF, group sex, and more! What I love most about their videos is that all of the ladies have this certain finesse about them, then all of a sudden, they’re right there being down and dirty, sucking, getting fucked, and doing all sorts of really sexy things! This is the only common denominator among their videos, well, if you are not going to count the video quality because ALL of their videos are crystal clear.


Overall, I really enjoyed my stay in this porn site and I believe that any porn lover would enjoy Exxxtasy as well. Remember, anyone is welcome here. Plus, if you are not going to find your favorite videos on Exxxtasy, then you are going to have access to another equally massive porn library, Roku HD, so you’re sure to find the porn videos that you need in your life.

If you are ready to enjoy the offers of Exxxtasy, then go ahead and sign up for the site, you will be pleased to learn that the first three days are completely free and you can already start watching all their exclusively premium videos! If you want to prolong your stay, however, a one month plan and a monthly plan are available for you to sign up for at a really affordable price. 

Marco Falco

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