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Reviewed on: 22/01/2016
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Alison Tyler is a 6 foot fox that will blow your socks off. Now, don’t believe me? After reading this you will want to see for yourself. Alison Tyler VIP is the exposition of Tyler’s work, showing her off from every angle, not just on her back, but her personal journey through the sex industry and all the things she has been up to in-between.

The pink on black/grey seems to suit Alison’s page. It is easily navigable and all the major links are there, with a splash page that gives you a free video, with great insight into Alison’s life and what turns her on. There is also a small section with info about Alison on the right hand side of the page, giving some details of her life like date of birth (January 5th, 1990) and favorite hobbies (working out), but most importantly, her vital stats: 36F-30-34. Most of the content is sat right on the page as you come in and you can see all her videos and shoots from her scenes. Though there is a lot of content here it isn’t easy if you want to just find a specific video, there are no filters by type, or actresses, you just have to work your way through the page. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, there is plenty of sights to enjoy as you scroll though her catalogue of naughty endeavors.

The page is easy to access via mobile and tablet, but the video player is not the best for this platform. If they had a full screen mode that was easy to activate then this wouldn’t be such a problem, but I think if you are really going to enjoy the videos, you need at least 13 inches of real estate to play with.

There is a lot of girl on girl action on her sites and works with other pros such as Alix Lynx and Sarah Jessie, but the guys do get a look-in too, with Bruce Venture coming in and Chad White definitely enjoying himself. Alison really is pin-up material and has worked on her body alto, this really shows in her scene photos and she pulls of any skimpy outfit with poise and downright sex appeal.

Most of her videos seem to be in HD though the captions describing them are kind of tacky or dull, like “Alison Tyler on a black couch”. But the naming really isn’t as important as the content. I was unable to access any downloads but I would assume that the videos come in MP4 format for ease of use, and there isn’t really a gallery to speak of, and this is a bit of a pain, so all the photos are in the main stream of content.

A few bucks will get you 5 days of glorious access to not only Alison Tyler VIP, but also the whole collection of PUBA Network sites, which are all affiliated. This comprises 60+ different sites worth of content that will easily eat up a whole 5 days. The next package up is 1 month for and after the other a 3 month subscription.


Alison Tyler’s site is really a gateway drug, you’ll get in there, want to sign up and be instantly transported to a whole other world of content beyond your imaginings. The design of the website is pretty stock, but the videos are excellent and her story is really quite something, if you want to be distracted from all the tits and ass for 5 minutes.

Marco Falco

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