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Reviewed on: 30/04/2016
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Given the choice between enough butt to smother you to death, or a flat ass that barely pads out the pockets on a girl’s pants, which would you choose? I’m certain I’d choose death by ass-phyxiation, if you know what I mean. Compton Booty offers high-quality videos of black girls doing all the anal you could ever want, and more. Their scenes are hot and authentic and feature a great selection of ass talent.

Overall the site is sleek and polished with a very standardized design that works well for the kind of content they have on show. The site isn’t feature rich with just the basics for getting to preview content, review the kinds of scenes and sign-up to their membership program, but this is pretty much all you need. The colors used are purple and black, the different shades of purple giving the site a bit of a playboy vibe. Mostly the page’s real estate is taken up with content previews, because, well that’s what they are selling here, so why not focus on it!

Navigation through the site is smooth, with good loading times and responsive links. The mobile side of things needs some work, but the website itself functions fine on mobile devices, until you get to the video, which is slightly less reliable, depending on your device.

“All Big Booties!All Black! All Anal!” really covers the main focus of the site. The girls deliver on this promise with some of the biggest booties I’ve ever seen. The double penetration scenes are really well done, as it’s not an easy maneuver to get right, but they are professional throughout and take it like a champ.

The scenes are very professionally produced, using good equipment and with care and consideration in the scene setup. Some videos don’t quite look HD, but this just adds to the authentic feel of the site and brings it down to earth compared to those higher end HD sites that give you some shallow glamourized stick figure. On Compton Booty you get real, beautiful, natural women and that’s a huge difference.

There are around 50 videos on the site, averaging around 30 minutes a video, so a bit longer than usual. They are streamed from the site so there isn’t really any way to see the video format or codec they use, but the player is responsive and loads well on a standard PC browser like Chrome. There isn’t any image gallery as the site seems purely video-centric, but if you take the membership plan you will have additional access to dozens of other sites which definitely do have photo galleries.


Get a load of these hoes. I mean, you probably won’t find better quality for this niche. There is an abundance of content and it is all cheaply available at your fingertips. I would give the site 4/5 very fine asses, but perhaps a photo gallery would have tipped it over to 5/5.

Marco Falco

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