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Have you ever seen been wandering or sitting somewhere like in the park or at the mall and find yourself looking at all these hot girls just passing by you, and just thinking about them, looking at them like you just want to carry them home and fuck them all over the place? Have you ever daydream about these chicks like, what do their boobs look like? Is she still a virgin? Or like, I wonder what she does for work, and if she will be given an opportunity to do a porn video will she be interested? Well someone did, and tried to offer them to do a porn video, and to his surprise, a lot of these women did have interests and accepted the offer. They have jobs yes, most of them, they earn and can provide for themselves!

Some are models, article writers, computer programmers, teachers and a whole lot of variety of talents but, interestingly they are adventurous and want to do something more and exciting, so they do a porn video FOR THE FIRST TIME! How exciting is that?! Imagine, a dream come true. These everyday sexy random people will do a porn video, and you get to see them in all their hotness glory masturbating right in public or at their home, rubbing their pussy, dildoing the fuck out of their wet and juicy holes.. uuugggh gosh! Dreams do come true! And you can watch their videos in High definition.

It all started back when Rob Simyar, the founder, had an idea of shooting videos of what the people want. His inspiration was way back when he was still in Hawaii where he met a beautiful lady and started to make sex videos with her, by then the girl introduces him to her other hot friends, and he also started to shoot hot and sexy videos of them (some guys are just lucky I guess). His approach was more sophisticated and more gracious for the ladies, he brought class into his videos making them elegant and doesn’t compromise the excitement of the experience. FTV is also free of ads and hidden links that are just too irritating to deal with. The site also supports the latest innovation the new world can provide like smart TV, tablets and phones. Whether you are a Window, Apple, Android or BlackBerry user, FTV can still deliver all for your convenience.

The first look of the site will give you an expression of sophistication and finesse. Rob wanted his site to be more genuine to the viewer’s, so he blended his and his friend’s artistic side to design the layout and the scheme of the site. The dark black background color makes the pictures and videos the star on of the show; it enhances the design layout of the magazine-like cover of each model and not to mention making them more attractive and gorgeous. The user interface is easy to understand; you can easily see the tabs below the welcoming image. The theme and overall style of the website are elegant, just like the models in the videos.

The most interesting thing about this website is that it features the statistics of the model, you can get to know her like her age, height and figure even! There is also a brief description of the model like who she is, what is her interests or what she does for a living, truly this site has a lot going on.

Now the thing I like the most about this website is, the ladies of course! After you cum and see them hahaha, I’m sure you will be hooked as I am. Man, the chicks here are all gorgeous, you will never see an ugly chick, and I guarantee it! I mean check out Kandace and her phenomenal curves, her boobs are pointing at you like they’re saying “eat me, eat me!”. Do You like the slim ones? Check out Kristen; that 20-year-old cutie patootie is will be the goddess of your sex world. Do You like the curvy body type? FTV Girls has plenty of it: they have Bethany from New York, Addison a sweet heat indeed, Whitney and her gorgeous natural tits and they are just too many to mention.

The videos in this site are a good 60 to 80-minute video in high-quality sound and HD making you enjoy and cum more than you wish for. The videos here are like I said a bit more respectful, but what do I mean by that? Well let me give you a direction on what to expect, you can see them in their sexy dress around the city having coffee or breakfast being interviewed maybe and while at it showing their cute little pussy on cam, while on public! Haha, you can also see them showing off their talents like dancing, ballet or acting while being kinky at the same time. You can learn more about their videos and see these beautiful women showing off their boobs or pussy in public just go to FTV Girls and experience porn like no other.


This FTV Girls is a website you need to visit. Hands down this site is so far the best site I have seen so far; the beauties in this site are so overwhelming making you hungry for more. This site is also a membership site but don’t hesitate to join in, this site is truly wonderful with a 24/7 surveillance for any malware activity ensuring your protection, the site is also updated every week, giving you a new girl to see and to know every single week. They have the lowest prices, where ever you go, with this quality and premium website, you won’t believe how low the prices are, so don’t forget to join in guys and don’t miss all of the girls here. Who knows probably one of them is that hot girl living next door.

Marco Falco

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