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If there’s anything better than watching hot and wild pornstars get down and dirty, it’s watching real people get even more dirty. And that’s exactly why we love Our Home Clips! This is where you get access to all your wildest fantasies and see them turned into 100% real videos of actually existing girls doing what we all love to do: getting satisfaction through getting some action. This is where it gets real.

No cheesy made up stories about dodgy plumbers and helpless girls needing internal examination. No fake looking empty houses or unconvincing wooden studio sets. No pumped up screw-on breast implants or dicks that look like they got injected with the wrong anabolic. The girls are real, they’re hot and they’re actually horny! And not only are the girls real, the sex is incredibly realistic. It’s what they want, and I’m sure it’s what you want: a girl that’s giving head like her life depends on it or craving that dick like it was her last.

This is where you get to see what it’s really like to bone the girl next door. The one you’ve been fiending over ever since she has been strutting around in those skimpy shorts in her front yard. Better get used to some real dirty business and browse through an incredible array quality content, because Our Home Clips updates their website daily with new videos straight from people’s bedroom. With 8 years under their belt and around 20 000 videos in their archives, you’ll have your hands (as well as your pants) full for the time being. You won’t be getting to the end of the page anytime soon because this stuff is pure realistic gold. Amateurs have never looked so good on camera before.

Like I just mentioned, there’s an incredible amount of user-generated content hosted on this website, which is fantastic of course. What’s even better is they implemented a very handy and user-friendly interface to weed out the stuff you’re actually interested in. The search function is simple and intuitive, and all the video’s are perfectly tagged and sorted to make sure you won’t skip over that perfect little pussy getting pounded. Wouldn’t you want to miss out on that perfect back arch or a mind-blowing pair of scrumptious tits? And it all looks and feels sleek and simple. You won’t be bombarded with a million little options and ads.

What you need is what you get. Just fast streaming video’s in a straight-forward layout. And what’s even better, the site is perfectly responsive to screen size which means it will look just as good on a phone screen as on a tablet or computer screen. If you’re not comfortable with porn tabs across your screen and your search history constantly filled with dubious information, the site gives you the option to download your favorite videos. On the other hand, if you’re absolutely fine with that you can bookmark the best of the best in a handy favorites list you can come back to whenever you want. And if you’re just ready for the latest and greatest in whatever genre, Our Home Clips provides categories to skip right to the good stuff.

Of course, given that most of these clips are being sent in by the users themselves, there’s going to be some video’s of lesser quality. If you’re not interested in seeing those, there’s an option to only show high-quality video’s. There are options to filter by video length, resolution, and niche.

After doing a bit of in-depth exploration of the website, I’ve found out that this really is the cream of the crop that you’re getting. The editors of Our Home Clips weed out all the mediocre content they get sent in the mail and come up with only the best of the best in amateur action.

The girls are real and they all want it really bad. Whether it’s a cheeky little handjob or a steaming hot bedroom session, this stuff is guaranteed to get your juices flowing and your hand faster down your pants than you think. But there’s something for everybody, not just the chick loving bro’s. If it’s just plain looking simple girls with average looks that put twice the heart into it that you’re looking for, this is the place to be. There’s even a ‘granny’ category! If you thought gang bangs don’t happen in real life, think again! You wouldn’t be able to handle all the double penetration that goes on in these clips.

Not only are there over 20 000 videos to choose from, there’s a wide range of photo galleries by amateur couples looking for some kinky exposure or horny ladies dying for you to have a peek at their naughty pictures. It all depends on what you’re looking for, but the great thing is: it’s all here!


Subscribing and getting your premium access to this wild array of amateur video and photographic content is not only extremely easy, it’s a must. You’re setting yourself up for hours of incredible real life sexiness like you’ve never seen before. And I wouldn’t hesitate to share some with your spouse. These couples know what they’re doing and might just ignite a new flame in your own sexual explorations. These people get genuinely creative without all the hum-drum of porn actors trying their best to act out some mind-numbingly simple dialogue. You’re just bound to stumble across a couple that will blow your mind, and I’m sure your load as well. So if you’re ready to delve into the 20 000 video’s Our Home Clips has in their archives, the time is now!

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Marco Falco

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