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We have always had our celebrity crushes and we have always wondered what it would feel like to fuck the life out of them. We always have our secret list of celebrities that we would like to bang and do nasty impromptu things with. Well, it often doesn’t happen and we resort to porn. Let us be real porn has some of the most beautiful women and some of the hottest men in this industry and we have always fantasized about these people. These are the people we regularly jerk off to, and these are the people who help us fulfill our most secret fantasies.

So, when it comes to these porn stars we know that all the material that is in the video is all scripted and all of it is rather fake. But we are also always curious to know what these porn stars are in real life. We want to know what they do when they lead their mundane lives like we do. Whether they even lead mundane live. We want to know whom they fuck and if they do fuck exactly as they do in these videos. I’m sure we would all love to know what their favorite fantasies are and whether they are as kinky in real life as they are on screen in those porn videos.

Imagine a website which allows to you to peek into the lives of not one, but two such porn stars. SinsLife brings you exclusive content from Johnny Sins and Kissa Sins. The website follows their lives collectively as a porn star celebrity couple as they embark on an adventure filled with vacations, different locations, a multitude of women and the craziest toys that you have ever seen. But if you think that this looks like fake sex, then you can’t be further away from the truth. They even sometimes broadcast themselves having sex live on camera and broadcast it t their members. It is like watching reality TV, only better because it involves them having sex and coming for you to see. It can be called reality porn. You can make out that it is all as real as it can possibly get. And it is something that you have never seen before.

The couple Johnny and Kissa didn’t want to follow the routine that was followed by all the other porn stars. And they fell in love and decided that they wanted more from their lives and hence they decided to star in their own website, doing all the things that they love, instead of scripted stories. So, they make videos about their sex life and how they spruce it up and they also make videos about how they live their life, how they stay fit etc.

You can tell that Johnny and Kissa wanted a relaxed vibe to their website. It is all about the sun, the sea, the beach and the palms trees. They couldn’t have come up with a better website as it instant relaxes you to see the different soothing colors on the website.

It really looks like you are looking out of colored sunglasses and you are at the beach checking out these hot sluts as they pass by you. The different colors on the website do not distract you rather it makes you feel more chilled out and get you into the mood for jerking yourself. The color that has been used on the tour page of the website is this lovely light sea foam green. Different pages have different colors to them. Since the website is vast and they offer you a lot of things on the website, they have made sure that they have made the website well organized and completely clutter free.

As soon as you enter the website you will notice on top of the page there are various links so that you can navigate between the different websites on the page. And on the content part of the page you will see the various things that they have been up to as a couple and all the people that they have been banging along side. There are different categories of acts to choose from such as exclusive content, live shows, private snap-chats, real sex, throwbacks, POV lap dances etc. Overall it is an attractive website and well made.

Let’s talk about all the sensual experiences that you are going to have after you subscribe to this website. Both Johnny and Kissa have been well-known porn stars, but after they got together they have managed to create absolute magic as their marriage is about trust and spreading the love, rather than just about being bound to a person. Both Johnny and Kissa are pretty hot, in their own right. Johnny has one of the most beautiful cocks that you have ever seen. And he really knows how to get it on with that monstrous being hanging on him. And, Kissa as you can see is fucking hot. She has the perkiest boobs that you will ever come across and she has as ass that you would love to shove your dick in. She is really this nasty blonde who is also bisexual. So, you can imagine the things that go on in that house.

These videos are in full HD and can be downloaded as well. Or they can be streamed via the flash player. There are photo sets and even erotica’s with pictures for you to view and read.


The concept of this website is fresh and there really isn’t anything that has been done before like this, on this scale and with this production value. Suddenly you won’t just be watching porn stars doing scripted stuff but doing something real. Isn’t it amazing?

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Marco Falco

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