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Katrina Model
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Reviewed on: 19/03/2017
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KatrinaModel is among the top modeling porn sites online. It’s fresh, and it offers sexy models porn photos and hot videos with Katrina dancing and flashing her goods for you. This new site aims to the highest ranks, and with such an awesome girl in focus, it might even better! This KatrinaModel models porn site review will guide you through this great site and will help you choose!

Well, the KatrinaModel is a surprising, cute site. This modeling website focuses on the girl called Katrina, a fresh, cute girl who shows her assets to you in HD videos and amazingly high quality photos. The KatrinaModel has a nice home page, although we found it a bit too 2000s. The tour options are simple: you can view a few sample clips from Katrina’s videos. By the way, there are 26 videos on the site, all going on for a maximum of 10 minutes. The photo galleries you can browse through are at the 48 mark, and they consist of dozens to hundreds of photos. The membership on the KatrinaModel seems to grant you access to the AmazingModels network, where you can enjoy 7 models’ videos. Katrina is not one of them, and there are some other models from the same company who still have their own site. Until Katrina’s videos are not implemented in the multi-model site, you can enjoy them on her official site.

There is hardly any difference between the members’ area and the tour page, so navigating through the collection won’t be too hard. You have the option to preview the videos in your browser. However, we strongly recommend you to save the AVI files, because they offer neat HD video resolution and a much better playback. Since the photo galleries usually have over 50 files contained, you should consider downloading the zip files. Don’t be surprised to see that some files are bigger than the videos – high-resolution digital photos use some drive space after all! As you are going to browse the site, you may like to open it on your smart phone. Well, don’t do that: there is no mobile compatible feature on the site, and it doesn’t even respond the browser window’s size. You can use the site, but it won’t be too comfortable, maybe on bigger phones and tablets.

On this website, the sexy Katrina will be your host. As the KatrinaModel is a softcore modeling website, you can rest assured, there are going to be some really hot shows performed for your entertainment, even though you won’t be able to see the truly good parts of the model. Katrina is a model from Europe and for us it’s not really clear which ethnicity she originates from, but we are quite sure she is of Slavic origin. And she has an amazing body. Her skin is light, golden brown at the moment (probably due to going to a solarium), she has sexy black hair, and a cute face which encourages you, just to let you down in the end for not showing everything. Katrina has sweet, firm-looking breasts; they are not huge, but they are just perfect for her body type. Katrina has the cutest ass among the seven models of the AmazingModels.

So, let’s summarize: she is the newest model of this company and she is probably the hottest one. Also, in her latest videos, she has a somewhat darker skin, adding a fine variety to her collection. Katrina’s videos are not long. They usually go on for 9-10 minutes, and they feature only softcore teasing. What brings real variety to this video collection is the background. And, of course, the clothes. Katrina started with photos, so that’s the main content category here. Katrina’s first sets were published in March 2016, and from that time, they added a new gallery every 12 days. It’s not the most active update schedule, but it works fine, and this way the quality is ensured at least.

At the time of this review, the KatrinaModel offers 48 galleries and 26 scenes. These videos are just about teasing you: the girl moves around in a sexy way, she smiles at you, and she flashes her “goods”. Eventually, she drops all her clothes and shows you her fine breasts, her nicely shaped body, and of course, her gorgeous ass. The clothes she wears are varied, they range from everyday clothes to sexy nurse outfits, with some leather and latex appearing here and there. We think you will be satisfied with this girl and her videos, especially if you need some turn-off after a bad day, or after a long period of watching only hardcore porn. You should consider yourself lucky to have the chance to find this fine fresh lady, and her partners (on the network sites) are also hot pieces, and you are going to love them.


On this porn site, you can access a fine collection of videos and photographs of a sex vixen. Katrina is one of those amazing European girls we love to watch in hardcore videos.

Although she doesn’t have sex in these scenes, these are still warmly recommended shots for everyone. Beauty as it is, and there is nothing else. We are positive that you are going to love this site, even if it doesn’t have any kind of juicy hardcore action for you. The KatrinaModel and the AmazingModels network are recommended to every softcore fan, to every man or woman who seeks beauty in this world! 

Marco Falco

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