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Reviewed on: 13/02/2017
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LatinaFuckTour is a dream come true for anybody who is into Latina women being fucked in hardcore style. LatinaFuckTour is a site that doesn’t specialize much aside from the hot Latina chicks they seem to always bring, these chicks are not your everyday amateurs, but are quite the professionals when it comes to sex. 

The layout is the typical one like for most sites, the only thing different is the amount of videos they have decided to put on one page, and it is quite a number. Mostly you won’t skip through pages, you will scroll through them because of that. Visuals are, like mentioned, made to conform with the whole travel and fuck beautiful Latina women that like cock, they display some worn out houses in the header and the similar thing transfers to the whole of the site with it being like some wall that is really old and worn out.

Navigation is quick and you can go through the site at a pretty quick pace just by selecting categories, and you can choose your next video quickly. Tags are present so is the search bar. A mobile version of this site is currently available so you are able to enjoy it from smartphones or tablets.

It would be a shame to miss the opportunity to talk about these Latina chicks that seem to just come out of the woodworks, beautiful like that and in such a great number.

The approximate length of each video down here is 20 minutes per video which is kind of a shame but they manage to get the right amount of content in so you aren’t left dry, on the contrary. Videos are not shot professionally, sometimes it is a static camera that catches all that happens quite effectively. When I say that the videos are not shot professionally that doesn’t mean that they are shot poorly, they actually pull off some quite hard shots and some nice ones too but the lack of experience is somewhat apparent. MP4 is the go-to format down this area and there is only one quality as well the 480p which is quite decent and modest, to mention it these guys are not located somewhere with a studio they travel around and go to brothels and similar places to get you the material that will make you satisfied.

Currently, they have a little over 70 videos in total but you can download them all and watch them later at your convenience. Also, as a member, you will gain access to Anal Fuck Tour website, where you can find even more hardcore videos. Three offers are present currently, there is the one month offer, three months offer and the six months offer as well they are all quite decent and will allow you the level of comfort that you desire. There are no discernible extras mostly what you see is what you get here policy which will aid you a lot.


LatinaFuckTour makes sure to deliver you only girls with good looks that know how to fuck, sometimes they throw in a couple of amateurs just for fun but that all adds up. The main idea here is that a couple of guys go around the country while they film sex scenes in various brothels with all different methods and ways they can arrange and make that happen.

Marco Falco

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