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Reviewed on: 12/10/2015
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Pornsites these days have become really irritating. With a lot of scams, chat bots, malwares, spywares, hyperlink scams. It really makes it hard for a decent man to find a good porn site where money isn’t taken for granted. But I’m here to tell you. Do not worry! I’ve found exactly what you’re looking for. That one awesome website that gives you the pleasure you deserve and more. More cock sucking action, hardcore fucks and unending number of good porn videos to choose from. But this one is not like any other porn site. No, no, no!

This one is very unique. Unlike other porn sites that features a lot of random videos of random porn stars, with absolutely no care for quality just quantity. This site is not like that. In fact, this site focuses its attention to this sweet hot Asian, half-Thai, half-brit lady named Pancake! Her network will be the center of our topic today named “Dirty Pancake”. This one is one for the books gents. Something you never knew you’ve been looking for all your life as a porn fan. But I won’t spoil it just yet. So let’s take a relaxing position and read what this site has got to say about itself! Get ready boys! This one’s got something big in store for you.

To start with, why don’t we take a look at her website. When I entered this cute girl’s domain. I was awestruck. She totally outdone herself this time. You’ll be seeing her strip naked and ready to suck cock right out of the bat for you. You’ll see a lot of her photos the moment you enter the site! Even some previews as well! But don’t forget to check her biography too. You’ll see it right in front of you.Now if we scroll down a bit, you’ll find her descriptions in the many scenes she’s got ready for you. Believe me, these scenes are really great. She will have you craving for more the moment you see her open her sexy sweet mouth in front of your face. Her bare body just waiting there to get fucked and drilled.

Now follow me and scroll down deeper in her web you’ll see there an interesting feature. You’ll see a several websites they’re endorsing. But not just that. You’ll also notice that once you become a member. ALL THESE SITES WILL BE FREE FOR YOU TO USE! I’m not joking. A lot of sites, immediately free once you become a member! I know it sounds crazy but it’s true! Other than that, this site also keeps on updating its content by the week! Now that’s a lot to handle! Even for me! The site has her face as the logo and it is themed as green and white. Pretty witty theme if you know what the color means. Now let’s head over to the star herself. If you think you’ve heard enough, then you’re in for a very surprise! Keep reading! The girl behind this site is no other than Pancake herself! She got it named after her anyway.

Let’s take a look at the girl behind it all! Pancake! The half-brit, half-Thai, full-time fucking sensation! Those two races brought together into this one amazing creature that’s ready to ride you crazy till you explode to wherever you heart takes you! But let me tell you this first, if you’re not a member of Dirty Pancake yet, you might ask yourself, why haven’t I’ve seen her yet? It’s because all videos in her site are exclusive to members only! Which is kind of nice actually since you would feel valued as a member who pays well.

Now let’s take a look at this girl’s personality. This girl starts off shy at first. But soon you’ll see the Thai-like personality in her starting to creep into your pants, and after a few messages and softcore blow jobs, she transforms into this busty brit that rides you and gives you a good time ramming her but like a cowboy! By the way! She loves missionaries! Who doesn’t right? This girl really smiles when missionary is coming. She also likes to smile a lot. Which is a HUGE TURN ON since her smile is so captivating! But all of these would go to waste if the video quality isn’t as good as the content itself! But don’t worry fellow viewers, the video quality of this one DELIVERS! It’s got a whooping 720×540 resolution for the videos that numbers to hundreds to thousands of high-quality photos too! Fully downloadable I might add. These shows will offer a lot of hardcore to softcore action! You name it! This one’s got it all. But going back to her sex scenes. You’ll love the way how she acts. She’s like a spirit out of a fantasy.


Now it’s judgement time. Is this really the best porn site there is? Have we really found the one we’re looking for? Well let’s see. The website’s design is sleek and sexy. The features are great as well! With all those free sites, who’d want to complain? Also I’d like to point out their weekly uploads as well. It’s really good that they don’t slack off! Because those are one of the major reasons why members unsubscribe! As for the video quality, I see no reason to complain with theirs. So for my final words. This site is probably one of the best porn star sites there is! With all its features and addictive content. It’s hard to say no to this one. If this isn’t your choice, then good luck searching, but for me. I’ve found my favorite!

Marco Falco

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