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The Official Jennifer Ann is a neat website, where you can enjoy the videos and photos of Jennifer Ann. She is a British girl with a perfect body and awesome breasts. This website is her solo modeling page, and it’s her official page. Here you can enjoy a collection of HD videos and HQ photos that you can’t find anywhere else. These were never published before, and though she has a good portfolio in printed media, the content of the site was made to be published only here.

As a member of the Official Jennifer Ann, you get access to a whole network. The included bonus sites all feature the same niches: glamour modeling and topless modeling. The girls on those sites are really hot, and they have compiled a really neat collection of videos and photos for you to browse and enjoy.

When you log in, the real fun can begin. You can use the main menu to get to the bonuses, the live cams. There are some navigation options for you, such as the search engine. All members get access to the videos. These scenes are available as FLV, MP4 or WMV files. The FLV videos are streamed, so you can use the Flash-based embedded player to enjoy them in your browser. The quality is average. Since the videos are not too long and the resolution is only SD, the player will buffer them in no time. The playback is usually flawless.

The downloads seems to be limited: there is 40GB of data-limitation. It’s not really concern, because if you even choose the 1080p or the 720p files to save, you can still save almost everything from the site (mainly because of the length of the videos). For the photo sets, you are offered three options. First, you can view them one by one, using the navigation buttons. Second, you might set up a slideshow and enjoy that. Third, you can save the sets as zip folders, and set up a faster full-screen slideshow with the software you use for this.

On the mobile version of the site, all features are offered in the same manner. The layout is only slightly different, but you can get used to it.

Jennifer Ann is the host of the site, and she will guide you through the world of pleasure and beauty. She is a very hot girl, and if she fits into your fantasies, then feel free to grab your pant-snake and shake it a bit. Jennifer is a brunette cutie, and she originates from the United Kingdom; that’s where she started her modeling career. She has tight body with an amazing shape. She isn’t simply pretty, she is totally sexy, and she is guaranteed to blow you mind away. If you take a look at her, you will see a gorgeous girl, who has two large breasts. Now it’s a bit hard to detect whether her tits are real or fake. They look very good, and it’s quite certain that they are real, since most of the times the glamour models have natural breasts; though Jennifer Ann’s look fake. Don’t concern yourself with it too much, because the overall impression is the most important, and

Don’t concern yourself with it too much, because the overall impression is the most important, and Jennifer Ann’s appearance is always impressive. Her hair is long, and her makeup always looks good: her lips are usually colored with a darker red, while her eyes have a dark shade around them. This makes her to look a wild, and the tattoos on her body make her to be a real topic of worshipping. The videos on the

The videos on the Official Jennifer Ann are all topless modeling scenes. They are really varied, and most of the times, you won’t even notice that they are short. As you start watching them, time won’t have effect, and if you concentrate, you can feel like you are in that room, and Jennifer is stripping for you only. (In fact, you can get this experience if you get yourself a private cam show from her.) All scenes are under 10 minutes, but they are so exciting, that you won’t concern yourself with their length. One would expect from a glamour model site to offer high quality, professionally shot videos and pictures… and that’s what you can find on the Jennifer Ann. The videos are shot in

The videos are shot in well-lit environment with lots of natural light. The camera is handled by professionals, so you won’t see it shaking, and causing blurry vision. This type of websites offer only teasers, which means that the nudity is implied, though in most cases appearing topless is accepted. There are two things that you can’t expect from sites like this one: the anus and the pussy to appear uncovered, though you may get a glance if the camera is at the right angle.


The Official Jennifer Ann is astonishing website. The start of the portal, Jennifer Ann is stunning, and she will surely make you go wild as you start browsing her videos and photos. Everybody loves a nice teaser, and in fact, this website offers you really good ones. The clips are shot in high quality, usually HD and Full-HD, while the photo sets have even higher resolution.

Apart from the unique content of the site, you also get a chance to enjoy cam shows, and while you are here, you might as well check the pages of the other models: there is one and half a dozen of websites included in your membership.

“This website is no longer updated, take a look at the other best single paid porn sites.”

Marco Falco

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