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MySexySavita is one of the finest porn sites, and a rare site too, for it brings to the porn world, an Indian female, MILF, whose horny and kinky nature has taken the industry by storm. The original Savita, popularly known as Savita Bhabhi is an animated character, someone who identified with the average Indian female. Unlike a typical Indian, Savita, the animated character, is liberated and loves to fuck men, irrespective of their ages, and she derives ultimate satisfaction from them. To take matters further, MySexySavita features a real chick, in flesh and bones, to reprise the role of Savita Bhabhi. This is why MySexySavita is a very keenly followed site, not only in India but all over the world.

MySexySavita showcases the intimately beautiful and ultimate sex life of Savita. As a housewife, having a good married life doesn’t satisfy her ever-hungry cunt. So, she resorts to having sex with random men, but that’s the thrill she gets while fucking another man. The ecstasy and joy she experiences at the end of each sex session is exquisite, and incomparable. One should watch the videos presented on MySexySavita to know how lovely she looks after a round of insane sex.

To help you arrive at a conclusion regarding subscribing to MySexySavita, a comprehensive review has been prepared, and you will love reading it too. You will be able to take a firm decision and subscribe to MySexySavita at the end of the review. The review will cover two important aspects of MySexySavita, including its design and features and girls and videos.

From adopting a beautiful colour scheme, to placing the videos, from choosing the banner to the floral designs and to the affordability, MySexySavita comes with loads of goodies that you cannot ignore.

The white coloured background with golden yellow and yellow ochre coloured designs and black boxes and strips, give the site a strong boost. The colours are pleasant, and placed very beautifully. Black in the strips across the site, looks great. It helps in dividing the site into various sections. Black alone wouldn’t do justice to the divisions, had it not been for the floral designs. The floral designs add a sense of calmness to the entire set up.

The sexy banner in the header is awesome, to say the least. Showcasing 7 thumbnails of Savita, you will get enticed to reach out to the next pages and sections. Naked, getting fucked, sucking cocks or having her boobs sucked and fondled, this banner has everything to give you a great jerk-off session.

The videos are neatly arranged, and the grid format makes it easy for you to search for various videos of your choice. Each video thumbnail is placed in a black box, and show Savita in kinky action. You will love to watch her suck cocks, take boners in various positions, kissing, having her boobs fondled, nipples sucked, and wearing very flimsy and see through sarees that you will want to throw those sarees away to get her naked. Some interesting scenes shown include Savita getting fucked with her bra or panty on. Intriguing and funny to watch, you will want to unsnap the bra and rip off the panty, and fuck her till you unload your jizz inside her cunt.

A brief description of Savita is given at the top of the site, which identifies her as an Indian MILF, who loves to have sex, show off her sex life and get pleasured by multiple cocks. What you will love to read, more than the description, are her wonderful stats. The stats, presented in a white box below the description will make you go crazy.

One stat you will want to follow closely is her vital and critical details. What will you tell a bitch who has stats like 38DD-30 -36? A sex goddess? A sex princess? Or a sex queen? Call Savita any of these, but the fact remains that she has stats envious of a sex goddess or princess or queen.

What does 38DD remind you of? A slut with truly humungous boobs and milk jugs? Milk jugs filled with warm milk, ready to be sucked dry? That’s the kind of feeling you get when you watch Savita stripping to her birthday suit, and showing off her outstanding boobs. The milky white skin, dark areolas, and mountain peak-like nipples protruding out from the centre of the boobs are a sight to behold.

Savita has the most beautiful curves on her body. Check out the photo in the banner which has her fully naked, sitting and showing off her boobs and nipples. This is the most awesome site to enjoy, as the curves are accentuated so beautifully in this photo. At 30 inches, the waist is awesome to see, touch, feel and explore.

Savita’s ass is exquisite. The round shape, and big size, thanks to 36 inches, are any man’s wild fantasies come true. Savita knows that men love her ass a lot, and deliberately walks in a provocative manner, to entice men to squeeze them, feel their cocks in the ass crack, and push her to pound her from behind, in her pussy and asshole.

Check out Savita’s favourite sex position and the sexual activity she wants to indulge in, and you are in for a surprise. Her favourite position is doggy style. Her waist is exactly made to fuck her in this position. And what does she want to experience? Anal sex and threesomes. Her ass is perfectly poised to help her experience them. Isn’t it surprising that her body structure and her likes match each other?


MySexySavita should be in your stock of porn videos, and if it is not, you are losing out on something that will give you the sexiest jerk-off experience. Don’t worry about the price. It is very affordable and will not burn a hole in your pocket. Choose the annual membership plan, as it will help you save significant amounts of money as well as give you peace of mind, freeing you from recurring payments. Go back to the top of the site and get click join now. 

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