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Sometimes a man gets tired of the fresh bodies, and when that happens, sites like the OlderDivas come to mind and provide the visitors with some really nice videos with models who are somewhat more mature than those chicks that you can usually find around the web. They are experienced and they are doing things those fresh girls could envy, and though the women here are mature, they are not grannies.

The Older Divas is part of a larger fetish-network, called Fetish Pack, and the scenes here are all covering kinky niches. There are more than 20 sites within this series of sites, and you can enjoy a large compilation of videos covering lots of taboo-like topics.
Following your registration on Older Divas, you automatically gain access to the whole network, and among the sites this one is sorted into the other fetishes category, together with the sites that feature latex and leather, BBWs in lingerie, smoking chicks, and tied-up porn. Apart from these fetishes, there are three other categories: femdom sites, nylons and feet-worshipping; sites and portals dedicated to shemales.

As you can see there is possibly all kinky, taboo, but not forbidden topics covered, and if you think you may have a fixation on something, you can find it out if you take a look on these sites, and they can help you to reveal what your fetish may be given that you are not quite certain about it. So, if you think that you fixation is on the mature women, than the Older Divas are the place you should start at. There is a considerable collection you can browse, and it’s updated at a frequent pace, sometimes there is more than one upload occasion each week. There is usually a video and a picture set added, though you may experience that they didn’t added a photo set.

When you wonder about the exclusivity of the videos, you may come to the conclusion, that the collection is not 100% unique. Fortunately, you also notice, that the scenes may not be exclusive since most of them are taken from DVDs, but they are all uploaded to the site for the first time, and thus in the matter of online availability the largest part of the compilation is exclusive indeed.

On the event that you are thinking about joining, you can do so, because the inner zone has a different look, and it’s more usable than the tour. Those who are just fooling around the site, trying to figure out what to do, should enjoy the trailer on the top of the page, and while they are there, they should check the thumbnails and other information provided on the page.

Registering and logging in is easy, and when you are in, you may see that there is nicely built, but also really basic site. The menu is located right on the top of the page, and you can use it to go to the videos’ list, the photos and you can reach the bonuses from here: there are full DVDs uploaded and naturally, the extra sites are also available.
The video quality is average, and it’s a fact that explains why the online watching is so smooth: the files are not large, and with the stable streaming channel they load into the player very fast, and you can enjoy them with no buffering or lagging. The Older Divas offer you unlimited downloading capabilities, and if you are more of a collector, you can save the movies into your own collection. The offered files are mostly WMVs and MP4s, the online format is FLV.

The site also gives you access to a photo collection. It’s not updated as often as the video collection, but there are lots of unique set featuring photos of the models posing or having sex

On the Older Divas you can enjoy the performance of a really large number of different models, and there isn’t much chance of you seeing one lady more than once here. When you are going to watch the videos keep in mind that they are not all that new, so they may even give you a retro feeling when you watch them. That however doesn’t necessary means that the sex is not hardcore, it’s just the opposite: these mature women are performing hard sex, and they are not just doing it with lads, there are lesbian scenes, threesomes and guy-lady-lady threesomes too.

The divas of the page are all professional, and though you won’t find too many videos of them online, all of them have one or two movies done. Maybe the only negative aspect of the site is the lack of a models’ index, because that could have helped guys like you to find the movies of their favorites. When you start browsing the scenes, you will find out that the women here are much varied, and the 180+ movies of the site are featuring lots of different models.


Making a conclusion, saying the final word isn’t too easy about this site. But if you are looking for mature women you should check this out, since in difference with the large studios’ sites, the ladies here are almost all naturals, there are no plastic chicks around. Those who are not into these kinds of models may give it a try because of the hardcore sex happening in the scenes.

Possibly the most tempting feature of the site is the network access you get, because if you have a fixation it’s sure that you can find it here, and there is no place on the web that gives you 10,000 fetish-focused movies for a fee this low

“This website has been deleted. Take a look at this list of adult pay sites

Marco Falco

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