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Alexa Scout
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Reviewed on: 17/07/2017
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One of the best shemale porn sites, Alexascout unveils a world of sexy transgender porn stars. With a mix of dirty talks, blow jobs, and hot anal sex scenes; this site contains exclusive contents that will take you to the heavens. If you are transgender or love transgender sex, this site is the best for you.

With a simple and professionally built look, Alexascout has a fantastic design and the visuals are awesome. The site is very easy to navigate through; giving members and guests no tough times to move from one option to another. With a good blend of colors, pictures and video clarity have been deeply enhanced. From the main menu, members and guests can have access to live shows, Videos, Photos, and the Trans Erotica network. There is also the “Join Now” option for intending members to sign up.

Every videos and photos that are posted on this site come with dates and time of upload, giving members the opportunity to easily gain access to new contents as they arrive. Another spectacular thing about this site is that members can actually drop comments, giving them a closer follow up of their favorite tranny porn stars. With a host of orderly arranged videos and photos, this site will give you exactly what you desire. Alexascout is compatible with all devices and this is great news to the ever expanding smart phone industry. You can have access to unlimited photo and video downloads simply with your mobile phones and PC.

This site gives you access to the hottest transgender porn stars in the adult entertainment industry. This site boasts of mature and sexy girls who are professionals at what they do. Their body movements, moans, and all their expressions will leave you wanting more. The acts, scenes, and location of shoot are chosen and handled by the best crews in the transgender porn industry. The stories are wonderfully written and interpreted by the actors all in the quest to give members the best the industry has to offer in terms of fun and long lasting pleasure. The videos are a mix of both long and short duration. But the interesting thing is that this does not affect the amount of pleasure and excitement you are bound to get from the site.

Videos are captured in High Definition cameras with MP 4 format; ensuring clarity in sound and picture quality. The photos on this site are awesomely bright, because of the use of high-resolution cameras. This site has a rich collection of over 1000 videos and an unlimited number of photos to keep you constantly locked to your screen. The site has 3 membership plans which include the 30-day, 90-day, and the full year membership plans.

Signing up to any of these plans gives you access to free live shows, 100% exclusive high-quality content, full HD videos and high-resolution photos, and full access to the Trans Erotica Network. This is an incredible offer, exclusive to this site. It means members can have access to unlimited moments of overwhelming pleasure.


For a maximum feel of shemale porn experience, Alexascout is the best site for you. With a host of intriguing and pleasure-filled videos and photos from top rated transgender porn stars, you are in for an experience of unending ecstasy. You have unlimited access to all the hardcore actions on this site when you sign up for a membership plan. You can choose the 30-day, 90-day or the one-year membership plans.

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