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We don’t know much about the TeenLadz, only that it has been launched recently, and it has a collection of gay pornography. The videos seem to come from somewhere else, and they are not exactly in the highest resolutions; but nonetheless, they are quite enjoyable. The TeenLadz was launched in 2016, and it seems to be updating on a regular basis, so you can always return for more juicy gay sex. This website is so new that it’s still in the process of establishing, but, nevertheless, it has a good start.

Bonuses are not (yet?) offered, however, there is always a chance of those appearing, but a new site always needs to build a reputation, generate some traffic first, then the partners can come. So, here is a quick summarization: the TeenLadz is a new site with British gay twinks jacking-off and having sex with other hot lads in front of the camera.

Well, the site might be fresh, but the design is really something they should change: this girlish pinky something with the text written here and there are not really the things we like. There is one major positive feature of the tour: there is a long trailer playing on the page with really hot sex in it. The video is no muted, so make sure your speakers are not on yelling volume. You can see the guys sucking, kissing, and drilling, while they also make those sexy noises that turn men on! So, let’s give a thumbs up for the TeenLadz for an exciting tour… but for God’s sake, change the design, guys!

When you log in, you will find that the design is the same as the tour page. Navigation is simple: there is a menu where you can view the “Shoots” the “Ladz” and a list of the latest shots. You can view the videos right in the members’ area: the player runs on Flash, and it plays smoothly. There are also MP4 files to download, so if you like one of these shots, you should download them straight away.

For the photo galleries, the site grants you access to online slideshows, where you can view the shots easily. However, if you prefer to have the pictures on your computer, there are zip files granted for downloading. 

The TeenLadz is a fresh site, or at least we weren’t able to find any previous history of it. However, we must say, we weren’t too surprised to see that the content is not really brand new. The guys are sexy and fresh, but the video quality tells us that these are either older flicks, or they are really amateur shots. Well, you decide which idea suits you better. In case you are looking for some hard fun, the TeenLadz will serve you well, but keep in mind: the TeenLadz has fresh boys, usually in the hottest age range, so they are twinks.

These are British cuties, so prepare to see some well-sized, but uncut cocks and, instead of loud, overplayed moaning, honest and real sights and moans are what you will hear. As far as their body type is concerned, you are going to find out soon that the lads here are not jocks: they have a tight body, that’s for sure, but they are not working out much. Most of them are hairless too.

What happens in these videos is just some gay sex action. One would even say it’s not too exciting, but those who are into gays and also prefer twinks, will certainly love the action here. Three basic types of hard action are featured: there are some videos with solo sex, some videos with couples, and a few juicy and sweet threesomes are offered for your viewing enjoyment too. So, let’s take a look at the solo videos: they are quite straightforward, as they feature the hot twinky boys in jack-off action. They get naked for the camera and play with their cock and butthole, just to reach the peak and cover their nice body with their own juice. Then, there are the couples.

These videos are where the real fun begins. Since the lads are mostly amateurs or semi-pros at best, you will see them preparing a lot: they kiss, caress and suck off each other’s cock before they go for the real gay action. Every couple goes for anal penetration and, as we could tell, almost all guys here are versatile, so they take turns in ass-drilling. We couldn’t find bareback videos, so expect to see condoms. When the threesome videos first appeared before our reviewers, they were amazed. Not for the quality of the video, but for the juicy hard sex in them. The guys are taking a turn in fucking ass, while the one in the bottom role also sucks the third guy. These hot videos all conclude in cum spraying all around! 


The TeenLadz is on the good track and, though nowadays it’s not hard to find a porn site with twinks, this portal is one that is really worth a try. We are going to say that you should give this one a try, especially if you like amateurish gay porn, and if you have a fixation for European cuties. These boys are a bit rough, so they are the queen-twinks you can find in mainstream porn. They sometimes look mean, and the way they fuck the other one’s ass is pretty nasty too. Exciting and arousing, these are the two words that best describe this site.

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Marco Falco

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Main Network TeenLadz
Reviewed on:13/03/2016


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