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Reviewed on: 28/02/2017
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Hunter Wylde is a gay adult performer that we have fallen in love with over the years. Anytime his name is part of the cast, you can be sure that you will thoroughly enjoy the show. The thought of the star establishing his personal portal of pleasure was something most of us never thought about. However, the hunk proved that he has all it takes to dominate ‘the game’ and nothing but admiration is attributed to him. While female models may easily sweep you off your feet with their tempting figures, men have to work harder. Hunter Wylde’s ability to keep you glued to the screen is what makes him one of the most exceptional adult models.

Known for his uniquely dark hair, Hunter Wylde has that boyish look that will make you fall in love with him. If these kinds of sexual encounters make you tick then you will truly find great pleasure here. The cutie proves that his good looks are not the only thing that you should be crazy about; his big cock will also take you to the edge of paradise and back. You will not regret spending your time here.

Hunter Wylde gained his popularity from over the top sexual videos and DVDs. The level of skill that he brings to each and every scene makes the entertainment that you get here worthwhile. Although ClubHunterWylde only has a few scenes, you will still get utmost enjoyment from the 15+ MaleUntilNetwork bonus sites that every member is previewed to.

ClubHunterWylde boasts a clean, simple design which guarantees you of an easy navigation. Although you may find the site a bit plain, it operates on the less is more mentality, enabling you to keep your eyes fixated on the content which is your reason for logging on this portal. The site is engulfed by pastel blue and green color, making it stand out in a unique way due to its equally unique choice of color scheme.

During login, you will end up on the network page, which acts as a central hub for all the sites. From here, you can be able to select ClubHunterWylde as your site of choice, with an option to explore all of the other bonus sites. The kind of video layout that you will see on the platform almost resembles the standard YouTube video format.

You can choose between the toggle views or full video description, depending on what you prefer. You will also get to choose amongst a multitude of categories, only settling for what you find most entertaining. This will really be a hard choice because everything on ClubHunterWylde will capture your attention. However, this is the best part of the site.

The videos can be streamed online or downloaded in record time. Either way, you will be highly entertained at all time. Downloads can be in QuickTime format or through mobile phones. Either way, you will still be delighted by what all of these scenes serve you. The content is original and as such, you can be certain that you will not be disappointed by what Hunter Wylde has in store.

Hunter Wylde is a sexy Twink known for his seductive poses and sexy maneuvers in the bedroom. He is an expert in all things sex and this already tells you that you will have a brilliant time with him. He is not afraid to go the extra mile bringing you pleasure in the very best of ways. Hunter always has an ace up his sleeve and this guarantees you that you will truly enjoy all that he does. Luckily, you will get a double bill of the action because the model is usually in the company of some equally horny friends who know exactly what to do in order to pull on all of your sexy strings.

The ass fucking on each and every scene will truly delight you. Although the models here are merely fresh faces, they greet you with the expertise of accomplished gay porn stars. You will not only be in the company of sexy brunette studs but once in a while, you will get to enjoy renowned names such as Tyler Bradley. Getting invested in the scenes is truly easy especially because of the level of entertainment that each scene guarantees you. Whether you want to watch the boys go camping and later on fuck each other or indulge in some group sex action, ClubHunterWylde is truly the place to be!

From time to time, the models will showcase sucking and boning skills that will highly appeal to you. The best part about the action is that you can be certain that you will always have a blast anytime you log into this adult portal. Tyler has so much in store for you, letting you know that missing out on this action is something that you cannot possibly afford to do!


If you get off on gay action then this site will truly do you justice. As it is genre-specific, you will know exactly what you are getting from the get-go; there are no surprises here. The site also goes out of its way to ensure that you can enjoy the videos and bonus content, the exclusivity and flexible video formats that will absolutely love your stay here because it will be full of loads and loads or orgasms!

Marco Falco

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Main Network Gay Star Network
Reviewed on:28/02/2017


Month:Our Price: $29.95
Year:$7.45 / month
Billed yearly at $89.50
Gift Card payment:No

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