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RecordedBFs is a sexy gay porn site filled with thousands of premium videos and pictures of the most erotic and awesome gay sex acts ever. Made by amateurs for guys who love dicks, RecordedBFs is all about guys who need to feel the hardness and sweetness of a dick deep in their bodies. Amateurs they might be, but these guys are not here to play. In fact, they fuck like tireless sex machines and gleefully pound each other to the dust.

While you won’t find it lavished with professional features and effects, RecordedBFs is still well put together, colorful and rocks an easy-to-use interface. Videos make up the majority of the goodies the site has to offer and come in the thousands, along with nearly limitless scenes, individuals and sex acts. However, access to this incredibly erotic footage is restricted to members. Membership takes just a few moments to accomplish and promises to change your life forever.

While advanced search options are not enabled, with the great number of videos to be had on the site you are bound to sooner or later see something that very much appeals to your cumming-feelings.

On RecordedBFs are seemingly endless videos that gloriously show off the spurting wonders and muscled excitement of awesome gay sex. All the featured individuals are hard-working amateurs out for a good time with their boyfriends and unafraid to push the envelope and experiment in their search for the best cumming sexual experience. They are therefore ever-ready for anything and will suck a cock till it nearly dissolves in their greedy mouths. Possessing the lightest and slickest asses in the business, they are also fully prepared to be drilled there and get their tight asses stretched further by the biggest dicks in the world. Additionally, they don’t shy away from getting filled to the brim with endless gallons of the hottest cum.

For the scenes, sex toys are not used as they are not deemed necessary. It’s, therefore, dick vs dick and asshole vs asshole in a war for who would cum most and fastest. On RecordedBFs the available videos currently number over 5,000, with this number daily increasing as more content is added. Which helps making the site one of the biggest gay xxx sites around the globe and well worth going crazy over. Available videos are shot in formats of varying resolution and so differ in quality. This, however, is not an issue, as the video contents are invariably sizzling-hot and erotic enough to choke if you aren’t too careful. In addition to videos, RecordedBFs also features stills. At present, the collection of photos and videos on the site has passed the 500GB mark and grows ever bigger. Videos and photos are free to members and can be downloaded or streamed. Download and streaming are both usually light-fast and hassle-free.

Membership is recommended, should you feel like accessing the incredible treasures the site has to offer. Membership can, for a token payment, be conferred for a single day. Longer periods like monthly and tri-monthly membership options are also available. Members are also gifted access to over 15 other excellent gay porn sites. With this number being continually increased. Which all combine to make RecordedBFs really excellent value and well worth watching.


RecordedBFs is an excellent HD gay porn site full of the amateur but no less erotic gay porn videos. These are over 5000 and feature all the sex styles in existence by different individuals of varying cock length, sexual experience, body type and moaning abilities. Overall, you can expect to have a trouble-free experience, due to the easy-to-use format of the site. Which easily makes this a top gay porn site.

“The website is no longer updated, discover all the best paid gay porn sites.”

Marco Falco

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Main Network 429 Members
Reviewed on:22/05/2017


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