Czech Gay Couples

Czech Gay Couples
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Reviewed on: 20/03/2017
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CzechGayCouples is an awesome gay porn video site, where you can find a fine compilation of reality porn scenes! On this sexy gay porn portal, you will see reality porn videos, from the pickup genre: hot couples are made to have sex with each other and with others for cold hard cash. Hardcore, HD gay porn videos are these, and inside, you get even more than you expect!

“Another gay porn site, yeah” – one would say with not much eagerness! However, if he is gay, and he loves hot amateurs, his opinion would change the first second he plays these videos! The CzechGayCouples is a fascinating porn site, where the hottest Czech guys have fun with each other, and with the guys who shoot the videos. It’s not an old site, so it doesn’t have a big collection – although the people behind are experienced, and they know what they are doing. An exclusive collection is what you can browse if you join the CzechGayCouples, and the updates seem to come in regularly, even though the waiting time is a bit longer for our taste.

Nevertheless, you won’t be bored when you wait for a new video: there are six other hardcore sites to browse. Since the website itself is very simple, probably the network access is the best feature we could name. Those six portals are all gay-themed, and their collective name is CzechGAV (Czech Gay Authentic Videos). They have some sweet amateur porn, one has massage-theme, and a few have voyeur videos (solarium, toilets, etc). On the CzechGayCouples, you gain access to WMV and MP4 videos. All of them offer 1080p resolution, so you will have an exciting time viewing them. Photos are not available, but the site works on mobile. 

Czech girls are hot, that’s a common conception online. But what about Czech boys? Well, they are fantastic! The hot, well-hung guys in the scenes of the CzechGayCouples are everything you could wish for. Most of these lads really seem to be amateurs, and they also seem to have a good time with their boyfriend… when that other couple hits on them unexpected.

As you will see, the Czech gays are really cute, and there is only one thing we miss – at the current state of the site: there are no older blokes in these videos, only cute twinks. It’s all right, though, since it’s a quite new portal, and there is a lot of room to expand. There are cute blonde lads having fun with their mate, then letting those strangers fuck their butthole too.

In order to satisfy everyone’s needs, the makers tried to get different kind of guys to the nasty, however, as it was noted, older couples are not yet featured. You shouldn’t concern yourself with it too much, though, because when it comes to heavy hardcore action, the porn on this site is quite satisfying and hot. The Czech twinks are perfectly amusing: they have sweet, smooth body, soft ass and many of them are quite well-endowed too. In case you enjoy watching hardcore porn, you should consider playing the videos this fine site has. One side note about the guys: most of them are uncut, so if that’s something you like, you are lucky. If not, then European gay porn sites are not exactly for you!

The scenes are easy to follow, and you are going to understand what the guys do, and why. To better understand the actual reason why guys are so eager to get on with fucking in front of the camera, you have to know what amounts they are talking about. In one scene, the hottie tells the guy with the camera that he earns 8000 per month. Well, it’s not the dollar, it’s Czech Koruna, and the 8000 worth only 300 in dollars. So, if you would be in his place, you would let strangers fuck your ass if they offer you money 4-5 times bigger than what you earn in a month!

There is money in porn, and the dudes who make these videos aren’t afraid to use theirs! The base assumption of the videos here is the simple “people do anything for the right amount of money” theory. If you care to look around, you can see many straight sites with this theory in action, and now, from one of the best Czech porn producers, you can see it again… in gay! The videos cover several hardcore niches, and in many scenes, the action is bareback! We won’t tell you all about what goes on in these flicks because you have to see it to believe it.

However, expect to be amused, as the kinky lads are taking nastiness to the next level! Public sex on trains, in alleys and even in a tattoo parlor is what you get, and the long, sexy action will blow your mind away!


We have seen this pickup-theme on straight sites (actually, the company has the same theme featured in the heterosexual form in the CzechAV network), but it’s a rare thing in the gay sex business! Amusement is guaranteed as you embark to watch the videos of this fine porn site. Especially if you like hot amateurs and semi-professionals in reality-themed videos. A high video resolution, great sex, and very hot guys guaranteed that you will jack off watching the videos of this site all over again.

“Site no longer updated, have a look at the best gay paid porn sites.”

Marco Falco

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Main Network Czech GAV
Reviewed on:20/03/2017


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