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Reviewed on: 04/07/2016
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 High-quality gay porn is sometimes difficult to come by. In fact, there are even times when you think you have already found a good porn site, but after a couple of months, you will then get disappointed to find that the video quality has already changed or the porn site just stopped updating without prior notice. Yes, that sucks, but unfortunately, these events happen so often in the porn world making it a bit difficult to trust some premium porn sites. 

This doesn’t just happen to gay porn sites alone but is also a common occurrence across all the different types of porn sites that we have encountered. Don’t worry though, we are dedicated to only feature porn sites that are reliable and worth signing up for. In fact, this is the reason why we provide priority to network sites and porn sites that have already existed for quite some time, compared to fairly new standalone porn sites, unless these sites are put up by famous porn directors, producers, or porn stars themselves. 

In fact, the porn site that we are going to feature today is a good example. It is a porn site that has existed ever since 1992. Yes, even before the internet. I believe that this company offered DVDs then, and once the boom of porn sites came along, they decided to take the leap and put their content online as well. 

Fortunately for us, the decision they made was a blessing for us because it made their content more accessible, especially to those who live in faraway places where their DVDs are not yet sold. This porn site is called Man’sBest. Don’t get it wrong, the DVDs are still for sale and to those who are interested, they are available on the porn site. I would suggest that you sign up for membership instead. In this way, there is no need to purchase for you any DVD anymore because the videos that are in these discs are already available for downloading if you’re a member. In fact, you might even get to view these videos before the DVD copy is even released in the market!

For a company that has been in existence since 1992, the Man’sBest porn site sure looks pretty modern. The overall website design is minimal yet strikingly beautiful. It uses a lot of modern design styles like see through buttons, dynamic elements that react when you scroll the page and a lot of floating graphics.

Having said that, they don’t really have a header, but they have a wide graphic that is the first thing you’ll see once you land on the page. It’s a steamy blowjob scene, but what’s great is that it’s not vulgar. It is actually pretty tasty and the blurs on the image make it look like art. Scrolling down, you’ll already start seeing the thumbnails. They are organized into different groups: latest exclusive videos, most popular updates, and their latest DVD offers. These thumbnails are only divided by the ads of their own upcoming sites, videos, and other updates.

It’s good to take a look at each of these thumbnails as they provide important information for each video such as its hottest scene, the video’s title, its length or duration, and the date when it was uploaded. The rating of the video (as given by their current members who have already watched it) is also included on the thumbnail. The thumbnail that presents DVDs is a little different though as they are less detailed. All you are going to see is the cover of the DVD and the title of the disc itself.

Almost all of the guys that you are going to see on this porn site are European dudes. What I like best about this porn site though is the variety of videos that they already offer. They have already collected and made a lot of content after all these years so, it’s not surprising that the porn site has turned into a one-stop shop for all your gay porn needs. They have also done a lot to improve their video quality through the years, so expect to enjoy the best resolution and the most advanced features as possible.

Talking about consistency, it is also important to note that this porn site is very much dedicated to providing high-resolution quality in all of their videos, and in giving their members juicy video and other media updates on a regular basis, without fail! We recommend for you to sign up for their newsletter though so you wouldn’t miss their latest offerings, promos, and other freebies. 


To conclude this review, let me talk about how to sign up or membership for this porn site. I really liked the fact that they offer eight different membership plans. These are divided into two main ways: one for just streaming (this is great if you don’t really have a lot of space to spare on your computer and other digital devices), and another for streaming and downloading. 

The streaming plans have four options: seven days, one month, three months, and for one year. All of these plans include unlimited streaming, although the seven days part is the one they recommend for trial. And then, they have the second main type of membership plan which includes both streaming and downloading. It has four options as well: a monthly plan, a one month plan, a three months plan, and a one year plan.

“Site no longer updated! Have a look at the best paid gay porn sites.”

Marco Falco

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Main Network Man's Best
Reviewed on:04/07/2016


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