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Reviewed on: 05/05/2017
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Vipissy is an exclusive porn site that provides adult entertainment featuring attractive models pissing and sucking at pussies and dicks of their sex partners. If peeing fetish is one of your burning sex desires, this is the site you get all that and more. The girls splash it sensually for you with spurts and cum licking stunts that will leave you breathless.

The site sports all qualities of a well thought out platform; with clearly laid out categories and all. There is an impressive decor of some rare but romantic colors dominating the scenes and walls. It is the first time I encountered a creative mix of blue, orange, yellow and shades of black on a single porn site.

The presentation of the pics and video scenes is commendable. I have no dark memories about the quality of images on this site. All the videos I streamed with their on-site embedded player came alive in HD. The photos in over 100 galleries on the site are made in high resolution specs. I was also able to download the videos and pics in a zip file. This was particularly great for me since I not only saved time but got everything from this platform in one place. Moreover, there is no limit to the number of downloads you access once you subscribe to their membership.

I watched all I wanted on my mobile phone while running errands across town in my car. The site is fully set up for mobile access. You may be a little taken aback that there is no provision for extras or bonus views on the site but they make up for this with great discounts in their membership plans. The site does not have any live cam shows yet but I think they have done a fair entertainment effort; considering that they have not been around for long.

I have no better words than fresh, vibrant and extremely attractive for the models presented on this site. I was also sensually excited on discovering that what I had was exclusive. I have no clue what the girls drink but the pissing amazed me. The golden fluids are splashed all over the place for pee and spurt fetish porn lovers like me.

The girls come on the scene nude or scantily dressed with their bladders full and ready to rain some piss on their female and male lovers. There are varying scenes in which the girls fuck with fellow girls in professional lesbian fashion, and those in which they are screwed with medium to giant cocks of men who also savor more than their fair share of the girls’ wet bladders.

Meet pretty Sofi in her golden brown hair as she sucks up a dude’s dick, allows him to cum in her mouth and takes turns to splash some liquid gold on his dick and balls. The dude seems to derive new energy from Sofi’s antics as he resumes the fucking episode in greater vigor, and pounds her to sexual nirvana. Sofi is a professional pornstar by all standards; judging from the way she handles her fucker. She is calm and collected in an arousing way; but wait until she is fully ignited and watch her switch gear into a sex tigress that culminates in her erotic moaning and beastly impressive roars from the dude pumping his rod consistently and strongly into her.

There are 109 videos and 108 galleries for your entertainment on this site. You get 35 minutes of play for each of the videos. If you want to scale down a little and view the pics, you have a reasonable collection of 135 pics in each of the galleries. Videos are available in HD form. They are made in WMV and MP4 formats. So you can play and watch on most devices.


Vipissy is unique and exclusive. There are many beautiful scenes of the girls caught in the heat of the action by the professional camera people. The fact that their content is presented in HD is something to smile about too. This is a unique spurting site I would check out anytime.

Marco Falco

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