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I just found this fucking awesome website dudes. I mean, I know most guys would love fucking their girls with their panties on right? Well get this… The satisfaction of fucking a girl with their stockings on is a hundred times more satisfying dude… It strengthens the tightness of those pussies. This is coming from a guy whose girlfriend is a pole dancer my friend, so trust me on this. Now today, the website we’ll be talking about is this fucking awesome site called ‘Nylon Divas’. I know the name sounds kind of old but trust me, it’s not all-that. It’s about fucking girls, models, and divas with their stockings on.

Yup, you’ll be appreciating all these girls with their stockings on. It’s really amazing because it gives you that “on-the-go” feelings, you know like, we’d better hurry because my boss is coming, kind of feeling. This website also hasn’t been that long yet in the porn business, but it sure packs a punch when it comes to content and quality. Now if you’re ready for some stocking fucking action, come on in fellas!

Let’s spend a few sentences talking about the website first. When I entered this site’s domain, the first thing that really caught my attention was this really nice video preview… It shows a model wearing stockings getting fucked in a wall! Now that’s what I call a nice welcome page! No registering or surveys crap. It’s straight down to business with ‘Nylondivas’. The website’s color scheme is this nice sexy purple.

This site is also compatible with a lot of devices and web browsers, namely Chrome, Edge, Explorer and Firefox. The four main browsers. Another great thing about this site is that it has some hands free viewing in the gallery page, which means you get some freebies early on, even if you’re not a member yet. To top it all off, here’s another great, if not the best, feature this site has. Dude you are definitely going to love this.

I know you’ve seen this in most sites already, so let’s play a little guessing game… guess how much free sites you’re gonna get once you’re a member… 5? 10? 15? How about a whopping twenty-five my friend! Yes! That’s exactly the number of sites you’re free to roam around with free access pass, the sites are Amateur Trannies, Beneath Her, hardcore Cbt, Dominant rannies, Femdom Loft, Femdom Streams, Foot Divas, Shemale Feet, Highheel Divas, Leather n Latex, Lesbian Domination, Lingerie BBW, Nylon Femdom, Older Divas, Pantyhose Dolls, Pantyhose Femdom, Smoking Divas, Strapon Slaves, Tightly Tied, Trampling World, Trannie Club, Trannie Videos, Women who fight, and Wrestling Fetish. Dude, that’s a whole lot of fun under the sun! I mean, the number of these free sites are just fucking insane! Nobody’d get bored with this load of sites just handed to you for free! So I took a little stroll down free sites’ lane and guess what, they all have exclusive videos on their own as well! Well ain’t that something.

The videos of this site are freaking off the hook! Why? Because these damn divas are so fucking sexy and freaking daring when it comes to their sex stunts! I’ve seen them getting fucked till all their makeups are just gone! I’ve seen them fuck in all kinds of furniture’s and played with all sorts of sex toys you can think of, and still managed to wear their stockings on! But one of my personal favorites are the hardcore parts. Which is PRESENT IN ALL THEIR VIDEOS!

Now speaking of videos, the videos would usually last to 15 minutes long, but there are also these movies that last for an entire 60 minute! I know, it’s fucking awesome… here are some movie titles if you want to do some background research on what types of films they produce: nylon girls in stockings, teasing in seamed stockings, hardcore stocking sex, stockings lesbian lovers, stocking foot fetish, legs in stockings kissing, nylon stockings sex orgies, and last but not the least, nylon loving girls. If that’s still ain’t enough, they add seventy more DVD full movies, every month, and 15-minute duration videos every day, so there’s no fucking way you’d run out of entertainment on this site. I’ve also seen some interesting nicknames they’ve given these models, nicknames like Foot Divas, Trampling World, Nylon Divas, Pantyhose Dolls, and Highheel Divas. Just hearing these names makes you want just to find the video and see them get fucked huh… Now if you’re wondering how many videos they have in their gallery right now, then wonder no more.

Video quantity is over 10,000 movies and over 500,000 pictures, Over 5,000 erotic stories, and Over 10,000GB of content. That’s a lot, my friend… Oh, did I mention you can download them all you want? That’s right my friend, UNLIMITED DOWNLOADING RIGHTS for all the members! No extra or hidden chargers whatsoever!


My dude! This site is it! I have been writing a lot of porn reviews for so long now but I’ve never found a site as comprehensive and as erotically hardcore as this one. The website design has been perfectly tweaked to suit your navigational needs, the features and bonuses are also top-notched, and don’t forget the Divas as well. They sure did a great hell of a job showing those pussies beneath those stockings. The video quality is great as well. All in all, a great Porn site that is worthy of its competitors. I’d give this a 9/10.

Marco Falco

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