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If you have a craving for big breasted women, Rachel Aldana provides you with all you want from large breasts in sex antics. The celebrated British model is proud of her endowments. She lavishly displays her boobs on camera and even gets personal with you on live cam.

The site is draped in deep blue décor that exudes an air of ambience. I loved the sense of order and organization that tells a story of great design and layout. There is a clear categories list and drop down menu that helps users to quickly get the hang of things on the site. Navigation is thus aided with several browsing tools available.

The videos are great quality content that can be streamed with the help of the embedded Flash Player. The pages load impressively fast, even as the Flash Player delivers continuous play. I could stop and skip to various points in the videos without lags and glitches. Rachel’s site comes to you complete with a search tool with which you can zero in on the specific content you wish to sample. I simply typed in a key word of what I wanted and I was immediately sent to the scene I desired. There are no bonus sites but Rachel provides sufficient entertainment to keep you hooked for long.

Rachel has an accolade and is registered as the lady with the largest normal boobs in the Guinness book of records. Therefore your guess is as good as any that the most featured element in the videos scenes is her award winning boobs. There is more stuff though. The model is seen in various scenes as she squeezes her own boobs, oils them and generally offers a lot of play performance with her endowments. She throws in a few girl-on girl scenes; which are a great and welcome variation but most of her focus sticks to the boobs. In the girl on girl scenes Rachel is seen as she spreads for a gorgeous model to flick her cherry and nibble at her nipples. She heaves and gasps for breath at every touch in a highly stimulating fashion. I could imagine myself mounting her and drilling my shaft deep into her pink mound. The thought of sucking at the massive beautiful tits was breathtaking.

You have over 404 video scenes that play for one minute each. Her files are made in MP4, WMV and Flash Player format for the ultimate streaming experience. If you have a thing for photos, you have plenty to view. There are over 333 galleries that contain an average of 30 photos per set. I loved the fact that I could download the content in a zip file so that I easily organized my movies on my devices. All the content on this site is exclusive.


This is a great site for fans of soft porn. If you have a craving for a close-up view of the largest boobs in town, I guess you won’t be moving your eyes off Rachel once you see her in the element. Her latest videos are all in HD. This is great stuff for milf-type viewership.

Marco Falco

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