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Porn sites are becoming innovative, and we would not be wrong if we said that porn sites are the most innovative ones on the Internet today. One of the most innovative features that some new porn sites have brought in is virtual reality (VR). VR is a technology that uses appropriate VR gear to view videos. VR uses a simulated environment to show the videos in 3D rendering. This will give you the pleasure of viewing the video’s width, depth and height, providing you the feeling of three-dimensional viewing. 

VR also includes some new features such as binaural sound that gives you different sounds to both ears. These technologies take your porn enjoying experience to a different level. Of the many sites that provide you with a VR porn experience, WankzVR is the most famous one. This site has been nominated for the 2017 XBIZ and AVN Awards and is in the forefront for bagging numerous awards for its innovative design and features for viewing porn. 

An award-nominated website deserves an awesome review, and this is what we have done here. You will get to know what sets this site apart, and how you can enjoy your porn. Unlike reviews of non-VR sites, the review here will help you understand how to view such porn, and what additional tools you will require to keep your spirits high and jerk-off in style.

A new age design with clearly defined colour demarcations will allow you to watch every section of the site with clarity. The site has adopted a very simple color scheme consisting of black, grey and white colors. Colors like red and orange are used to accentuate important links.

On the top of the site, there is a white strip which contains tabs to various parts of the site. The tabs are towards the left, and you will find Videos, Porn Stars, FemalePOV, Get Help, Members Area and Join Now tabs. Join Now Tab is red in color, so that you do not miss this out. Towards the right, the logo of WankzVR and a search tool can be found. You can use the search tool to search for your favorite porn stars and videos.

Below this, you will find a sexy slideshow of the latest videos uploaded to the site. A list of six videos follows the slideshow. Each video has a set of six thumbnails and a brief description. All videos are shot in 3D, with 180o camera technology, contains Binaural sound and can track your head as you turn it. These videos are rendered in 60 frames per second and uploaded with a title. You will find the names of the sluts featured, and the date of upload. The videos are compatible with GearVR,

The videos are compatible with GearVR, Oculus, and Vive. If you do not have the gears, you can also convert your smartphone into a VR gear and view these videos at your convenience. There are a dozen and a half pages of videos. You can enjoy more than 100 VR porn videos every day.

Before closing off this section, we will look at the concept of FemalePOV for you. Made for sluts who like to experience a guy licking and eating their cunts or play with their nipples, these videos will make these sluts cum hard. We wouldn’t be surprised if the sluts enjoying FemalePOV squirt their pussy juices all over their legs and making a juicy mess.

Talking about porn stars, what do we write about them? These sluts have ensured that they have the most amazing bodies on earth. Their smooth and flawless skin would want you to run your hand all over it and kiss every inch of her skin. Their mouths are so beautiful, you would want them to suck your dicks to drive you to Seventh Heaven. Their breasts are full, firm and round. Your hands will move around to fondle and squeeze them hard. Nipples are perky and pointing out, inviting you to suck them all night. Cunts are smoothly trimmed, and you would want your dick inside those pussies, pounding them all night long.

Pole Position featuring Tiffany Watson and Haley Reed is a video that we liked. Tiffany Watson and Haley Reed are very horny porn stars who love to play with their bodies and give a horny guy a blow job. This is the 100th video of the site. Tiffany takes pole dancing sessions from Haley, but when they find your cock, their pole dancing takes back seat and your dick takes centre stage. Starting with topless pole dancing, Tiffany and Haley play with each other till they find your dick. That’s it. Their slutty looks and naughty minds take over, and they start with an amazing blowjob, taking turns to suck your dick. Riding you and having you fuck them in different positions, you have no room to complain till you cum in their mouths. They love swapping your hot cum and watching this makes for very satisfactory sex.

To simulate the view of a VR image, the site creators have included two views of the same image. The left image is the left eye view, while the right image is the right eye view. This is the 3D view that VR promises. So much about the videos and porn stars featured. If you are desperate to lay your hands on this site, jump to reading the conclusion and you will not contain your happiness of subscribing to this site.


Subscribing to this site will make you fall in love with it. The site is a breath of fresh air in this world of porn, integrating new technology into your viewing experience. Subscription is affordable, and you can opt for a monthly plan, or a quarterly plan or even an annual plan. The annual plan is the best as you save significant money.

You also get access to some of the most popular non-VR sites on subscribing, more than 30 of them. If you subscribe immediately, you get a 33% discount on any plan. This is part of the site’s Extended Sales Event. Isn’t this an attractive preposition? What are you waiting for? Subscribe now, before you miss out on the Extended Sales Event.

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