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Naughty America is here again with the latest of its creative adult entertainment sites. Naughty Bookworms is a site like no other. Though dedicated to girls who are in stockings and uniforms, girls who are supposed to be learning under a teacher, girls whose parents expect them to come home with good grades and then move on to higher levels, but these are girls who are bad, very mean, and the most incredible cock fuckers of all time. Not even yet 20 years of age, these girls are packed full with all the skills and stunts that would make a professional porn model shudder and buckle up, else these girls would take her place soonest. The creativity and talents displayed in these videos surpass what any girl their age should know.

Though bookworms who read up anything in their path, these girls’ first hobby is having hardcore sex both in the asshole and the cunt. It’s incredible to see that they have lost their hymen at such tender ages yet still have some of the sexiest and widest of cunts and assholes. These are results of continuous banging received from their big cock professors, teachers, and other staff on campus. One can only imagine what these girls do in their spare time; how they masturbate and help each other out in the absence of a teacher or any other hard cock to fuck. But that’s even a tip of the iceberg. Sucking huge cocks with intensity and getting thumped in their assholes and cunts is their major priority. In fact, some of them possess dildos to penetrate their holes in the absence of a dude. That is how desperate and horny they can get.

These girls are so bold, so courageous, and daring too. They fuck anywhere available. In the library, in the janitor’s office, in the principal’s office, and everywhere else that is a bit quiet and deserted on campus. It’s incredible how they protrude their butts out and get slammed by heavy cocks in amazing doggy style fucking; how they raise one of their legs up in incredible wall standing banging position; and how they wrap their legs around the bodies of their teacher while he thrusts in and out right on his lecture table. No matter the exhilarating fun and thrilling banging scenes you desire to see fresh and cute campus chicks perform, you’ll find more than you bargained to see here. They disparage their uniforms, throw caution to the wind, and get down to enjoy the most breathtaking sex fun we have seen in a long while. They are bookworms, they are brilliant, sexy, and daring. A combination that is too hot for any teacher to resist.

Even with ‘B’s as grades, they never get satisfied, they push on to get that ‘A’, even when the price is a super-hot blowjob session on the teacher; they really do not care. So they unzip their teacher, old enough to be their fathers, strip him of his pants, and then suck the hell out of the erect cock. That is stage one, to really get that ‘A’, and ensure it continues next term, they move to stage two and fuck the cock silly. The screams and moans of these men confirm that these girls are truly masters in the art of hardcore sex. Nothing beats these shows as exposed on Naughty Bookworms. It’s a site everyone should subscribe to and enjoy the best of books, sex, girls, and teachers!

Naughty Bookworms thrives on excellence, hard work, and consistent improvements on the features on the site. This is not surprising considering the fact that this is a Naughty America powered website; perhaps the greatest porn network in the entire world. Every single feature to make you use and enjoy super-hot porn has been added to this magnificent site.

Mobile adaptability ensures that you get to download and view tons of hardcore videos on your mobile devices like smartphones or tablets of different makes and models. You also get to enjoy all these videos in ultra-fast HD formats that offer crisp, clear, and vivid images only. The investment into state-of-the-art equipment has now paid off, given that this is the most technologically advanced website with the best videos in its archives.

That’s a fact. You can also get to enjoy revealing interviews featuring your favorite porn star. These bare-it-all interviews are awesome, and would give you fantastic insights into the life of the best porn stars on earth. Added to all this is the opportunity to also gain full access to all the other great websites on the Naughty America network. It’s a bargain not seen anywhere else.

Having professionals act out these scripts makes the videos look cool and breathtaking indeed. Everything is meticulously planned and arranged with the sexy damsels on parade. With this, you can be sure not to see any useless and dry scenes but the very best of fucking, sucking and banging like never before witnessed. Surely, in no distant time, these wonderful, sexy, and brilliant chicks would take over the reins of power in the world of hardcore and breathtaking adult entertainment. That is as certain as the fact that they are gorgeous females.


For these girls, education is not all about the books or classes, it’s about all-round development by their teachers. So, just as they go there to learn ABC and 123, they also learn the fantastic art of cock sucking, penis massage, and deep asshole and cunt banging. It’s a place for all-round learning, indeed.

Marco Falco

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