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In the battle of hotties, who do you think would win? The blonde bombshell? Or the brunette beauty? A lot of people would say that the blonde girl would win – and we think so too, no offense meant for our brunette lovelies. Allow us to tell you the reasons why. First, the blondes stereotypically represent the West a whole lot better than the brunette lovelies, and why is that? The reason is because people tend to think that those who come from Europe and the United States are mostly blonde and if they are not, then their hair might be colored. This is also the reason why a lot of people – even Asians – color their hair blonde! Another reason is that golden hair is a long time symbol of beauty.

Think of all the princesses in the stories told to us before. Most of them are blonde girls, right? This is also why the famous doll, Barbie, is blonde. In the porn industry, blonde girls are a hit as well. There are surely a lot of blonde porn queens, and the porn star, whose site is what we are going to talk about today, is one of them. She is the epitome of a blonde bombshell. The porn star that we are talking about is Nicole Aniston, and before she entered the porn industry, she actually worked for a bank before providing customer support. Her decision for a career change had certainly changed her life (and ours) for the better. Ever since this beauty of Greek and German heritage has been nominated for numerous AVN awards and she has participated in a couple of movies already (mostly parodies of famous Hollywood films).

As a trophy of her popularity, the big porn network, Puba, has decided to create a porn site specifically dedicated to her and named after her. Nicole Aniston is a site that features this chick in every single photo and video. This is definitely a heaven for her numerous fans. If you are thinking of joining her ever growing fan base as well, then you better sign up for this porn site too. Don’t worry; signing up for their porn site is simple. They have three different membership options to choose from. These are five days, one month, and three months. It is just up to you which one you would prefer.

The Puba porn network has this distinctive design that will surely be familiar to those who are fans of the network already. It would not surprise us too much if there are a lot of you who are familiar with Puba, because, after all, most of their porn stars are really famous already, much like Nicole Aniston. This design or layout that we are talking about is made up of a welcome banner and the thumbnails of their latest videos. For porn sites that are dedicated to porn stars though like this one, there is a reserved space on the right side of the page that shows some information about the porn star like her birthday and where she was born. For Nicole, it’s on September 9, 1987, in San Diego, California. Other information is her likes (sex), the color of her eyes (green), and finally, the awards that she had already won (Penthouse Pet). As for the banner, of course, it contains a big picture of her. We were really fond of this picture, and we hope that it tells much of her personality.

We usually see models in seductive poses holding a sultry and tempting gaze. For Nicole’s picture, though, we see her bright face, smiling – which is really refreshing. And then, of course, we’ll see the thumbnails. These thumbnails also contain a lot of info about the videos and photo albums that these represent. Some of this information are its title, the length of the number of pictures inside the album, and finally the porn stars that you are going to see in the scene.

Speaking of porn stars, you might say “why do they still need to tell us the names of the porn star in the video when we know it is Nicole anyway”. Well, the reason for that is because aside from Nicole, her other friends usually shoot some scenes with her as well. And as you might have guessed already, her porn star friends are pretty popular too. This is another reason why we love Nicole Aniston and her porn site. She shows you a lot of different actions. In one video, she’s having some girl on girl action with another famous porn star; and then on the next one, she’s getting pounded hard by a dude. The videos are pretty universal which any porn fan and Nicole lover would certainly enjoy.


To conclude this article, we would like to share other membership perks that you are going to get after you have signed up for Nicole Aniston. Aside from the porn site that is mentioned in this review, you will have the chance to access other porn sites under the Puba network as well. These sites also feature other porn stars both blonde and brunette alike, such as Leya Falcon and Lily Carter.

If you really enjoy watching famous porn stars do their thing, then what we suggest is for you to sign up for membership and explore all of their other porn sites on your own. In this way, you will get to witness the sexy action first hand. In the end, this porn site is really perfect for all types of porn fans out there, especially those who love Nicole Aniston.

Marco Falco

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