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Belonging to a large network of 25 sites total, Wierd Japan prides itself on being the oddity of the bunch, with the biggest generalization of genres in the Asian porn category. Featuring a vast cast of naughty Japanese lovers of hardcore sex and weird scenarios, this website manages to bring humanity into question with their unthinkable approaches and sets designed to blow the wildest minds. Don’t be alarmed, Wierd Japan promises powerful arousal and explosive pleasuring of the senses from all who take the challenge head-on! Japan has always been proud to wear the title of weird, and they sure do wear it when it comes to this network of prurient motives. Over the years of bizarre discovery, Wierd Japan has surely inched its way up in the ranks of those deserving of notice.

Bright, catchy colors make Wierd Japan nice to look while you easily navigate their pages. Advanced search engine features are available for their members to use, providing a handy little drop-down box that is easily hidden again created to give the chance to set certain filters based off of categories and a draggable bar to set the preference for rating and date since being added.

Finding scenes and DVDs based off of your interests is made easy with the helpful tool, preventing you from wasting time and becoming bored. This technique follows Wierd Japan onto the other sites associated in the network you are given access to when becoming a member so you can count on simple browsing and fast discovery anytime you are using this site and its affiliates.

All of the content featured on the site is also featured on their mobile-friendly version, and every DVD and scene is available for download onto any PC or MAC to implement your personal collection. Each download is promised to be finished at fast speeds, as is the streaming, to ensure that you don’t waste your time waiting staring at a boring loading bar. Content updates occurs daily, preventing you from exhausting their endless supply of crazy weird sex. In addition to both short clips and full length DVD’s included on Wierd Japan and its network as a whole, picture galleries are available to recap the movies you have viewed.

Asian porn sites, Japanese especially, are a popular niche to be found in adult entertainment. What makes this particular host stand apart from its sibling sites is the sense of unusual pleasure, egged on by the cum-hungry whores desperate for cock and willing to do anything to get it.

Wierd Japan has a pretty big selection of 160+ gorgeous, finely shaped Japanese models, ranging in size and shape. These women are extortionists, showcasing their ability to bend in every way possible and take crazy cock in each hole. Primarily submissive, these pets are made for intense fucking, and their pussies get rammed hard. Some of the bustier models, like Risa Kasumi, can be found in gangbangs and orgies as she takes on several cocks at a time.

Angelic Nanase Otoha is featured wearing a collar and being teased with large toys. Reina Inamori is a popular recurring model for Wierd Japan, appearing in the most scenes and taking on mass amounts of hot, sultry red wax over her skin. Among these seductive enchantresses, you’re sure to find favorites of you own within the network’s total model count of 3,000+. These videos are the ones to break every boundary and push every limit. With titles boasting of things like buckets of cum being dumped on a Japanese slut to a full-length feature of office workers getting teased relentlessly as they lay on the floor, Wierd Japan has stepped up to the challenge of providing an oddity of movies and scenes for the strangest of souls. They have racked up a total collection of 400+ clips on Wierd Japan alone, and the more time you spend on the website, the more you’ll be amazed.

Venture over to the networks other sites included in the membership to access 35,000+ raunchy clips and DVD’s. Only a few of the videos are presented with the option of HD, but even for those that don’t come with that option, you won’t be disappointed in the content. They stream at high speeds, are typically of long length, and feature the hottest Japanese subs you’ll find on the Net. The genital regions in these videos are censored, adding that imagination effect that can be oh so delicious, and gives a naughtier feel to the movie as you are aware at all times what you are viewing is private and forbidden. These Asian chicks look so hot in some amazing facial videos where you can see their faces and juicy breasts covers with cum and they are licking it so passionately.


Wierd Japan manages to both fall in with the stereotype of weird sex, but also make it appealing to viewers in a way that can be addicting and leave you craving more. With a network behind them of similar niches and specific categories, Wierd Japan has their solid footing in the Asian porn world.

With one membership, you can gain access to a network of flawless Japanese models with outlandish kinks that you may not find as easily elsewhere. For the simplicity and no-nonsense approach that Wierd Japan takes, you are getting best of both worlds when it comes to meticulous service and fantastic porn. If you have always wondered what Japan hid behind closed doors and modest wardrobes, look no further. There are no limits on this side of the neighborhood, so beware the dogs!

Marco Falco

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