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It is not rare for one to find a good lesbian porn site. What is pretty difficult though is to find one that is great, one that has received a lot of good reviews from the top porn site reviewers, and finally, one that has won a lot of awards. Les Archive alone contains thousands of full high definition movies and videos, and over a quarter of a million high quality, ultra high definition images. Just think of the hours that you’ll spend within the porn site alone, watching over seven hundred lesbian porn stars.

Not only that, you can expect to see a new full movie every week. In this way, you can say goodbye to the long wait that other porn sites give just to make you wait for scenes to pop up one by one every week, with Les Archive you get a complete movie weekly! We know that if you are a lover of girl on girl action that you are already craving to know the different types of membership options. We are really impressed by the numerous membership plans that you can choose from. They are actually five in all: two 30-day options (one recurring and one non-recurring), a 90-day, a 180-day, and finally a one-year option. We really recommend that you sign-up for Les Archive as soon as you can because they actually offer a big discount right now for their 180-day and one-year plans. And we are not talking about a minimal discount; they are actually offering their prices in half right now. Once you have already signed-up for membership, you will then discover two of the best membership perks.

First, you will be able to access the sites’ contents which are again the full high definition movies and videos which you can either stream or download instantly with the help of their really fast servers. And second, it is not only Les Archive which you can access, but you will get to enjoy the entire XXX porn network!

The website design of this porn site is unique in a way that it is very feminine compared to the manly black themes that you usually get to see on other porn sites. Once you have landed on the homepage, you will see a dominantly pink page with rose-colored accents. There will also be a really tall banner, which you need to scroll down a bit to see completely. It has some information about the membership perks that you will get to enjoy upon signing up and of course, it also has an invitation to join.

Scrolling down you will see their latest models. Here is one thing that we have noticed in this porn site that we have not seen yet on others. They actually offer their porn models in pairs. In this way, if you really enjoy a video of that lesbian pair that you have just watched then you can also take a look if they have other photos and videos for you to enjoy. This is how they organize their videos. Anyway, they show their models through thumbnails. Each thumbnail includes their picture, the links to their photos and videos, and a link to access the model sets that they share.

Below those, you will then see a new set of thumbnails which are their latest videos. Again, they are presented in pairs. In these thumbnails, you will see the names of the models, and the date when the video was uploaded. Finally, you will then see thumbnails of their latest photos. Like the videos, they contain the name of the pornstars featured (which is again in pairs), and the date when the photo set became available. At the very bottom of the page, you will also see the different high reviews that they have gotten from other porn site reviewers like us. These ratings come from Porn Adept, Rabbits Reviews, and Richard’s Realm just to name a few.

As what we have mentioned above, the girls on Les Archive are featured in pairs, and we like it that way because it actually gives us a chance to build a relationship with the characters as if they were real-life couples. Men would not find that very attractive since a lot of guys would not really mind. However, women would surely appreciate that little detail. Another thing that we have noticed in relation to this is that their videos are made to be very believable, like the pornstars that we are looking at are indeed real life couples. Their movies are soft and while some videos contain hardcore action, most of them actually look relaxed and loving.

Going back to the girls in the porn site, they did not really focus on a specific type of girl or nationality, so you would actually see a varied collection of ladies with different types of beauties. It would take you time to take a look at all their pornstars because after all they have more than seven hundred currently with them right now – and growing. But there is one thing that we are sure of, you will definitely find a girl of your type within the site, and if you’re lucky they will even come in pairs! Some model pairs actually look identical with the same features like the same hair color and height. Other model pairs though are interesting and have completely opposite features – one blonde and one dark-haired, one with shorter hair, one with long locks. In the end, it is up to you to choose your favorite pair.


Overall we really liked that the porn site is not geared towards the male crowd alone. Les Archive is a porn site that women may enjoy as well whether they are lesbian or straight. And porn sites that actually cater to the needs and desires of women, the way that Les Archive does, are pretty rare.

Marco Falco

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