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Reviewed on: 01/08/2014
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There are times when we are just craving for something rough, wild, and hardcore. With all the cutesy sex stuff in the porn industry, sometimes it makes you wonder if it has been invaded with softies already. We also know that it makes it difficult for us to find the hardcore action that we are looking for, so allow us to make your search easier as we introduce one of the most hardcore sites that we’ve ever seen in the entire world of porn: GGG Devot.

GGG Devot is a porn site that offers high-quality porn videos by the famous John Thompson. According to the porn site’s tagline, here you will be able to watch “German sluts get fucked, pissed on, and gangbanged”. If you are into wild and rough hardcore action, then this site is perfect for you. If you are into this type of genre, then you would surely enjoy joining this porn site.

Hence, allow us to move on and present the membership options available. There are only two: one that is good for only a month, and one that will last for a year. It seems like it’s either you stay for a while, or you stay here for a long time, especially in this type of niche that not everyone appreciates – but we certainly do! If you still want to make sure though, then you can opt for the two-day trial membership option first where you will only spend a minimal fee, before spending some money on a month’s worth of access only to find out that the videos on GGG Devot are not your thing.

The porn site’s web design is unique, much like its niche. Its background is much like an expressionist artwork, with different toned-down yet dark colors, with a grungy texture. The grunge aesthetic goes on for the entire site. Once you have landed on the homepage, you will see a banner with the site name, along with a picture of a girl being used, following the porn site’s theme and video genre.

Then, beneath the banner, you will get to see the four main categories of the site: rough sex, hardcore gangbang, and BDSM. Scrolling down you will see the previews of their latest videos and scenes. It is made up of different thumbnails showing the most action-filled scenes in the video. Then, on the right side, you will get to read a short synopsis of what the video is going to be all about. A lot of people may find the lighting on the videos a bit weird, but it is done to match the grungy aesthetic of the site and its theme. It gives you the feeling that most of their videos were taken at night, outside a studio. Even so, you will notice that all the videos are still clear and high definition.

The porn site GGG Devot features German beauties. In fact, the site even has a German version as well. One of the things that we like the best about this porn site is that the ladies you see here are really into BDSM. You will see that they are into what they are doing – and that’s good because this site will really stretch these girls to their limitations. Speaking of limits, let’s discuss two of our favorite videos to give you an idea of what you are going to see in the site.

For the first video, there’s this gorgeous blonde girl on an operating table. At first, the men in the video tried to put a piss catheter on her, but eventually, the men got pretty horny so they filled it with semen instead. As if the scene could not get any wilder, they start letting this chick drink the collected semen and insert some through her ass as well. They then used other types of instruments like a speculum to add into the action.

If that’s not wild enough for you, then allow us to share with you another video. Here, we saw another blonde beauty. Like the previous video, this video also involves a group of men. They didn’t waste any of their time and head on straight to the action. They started inserting different kinds of instruments into the girl’s ass – even a chain!


If you want to download the videos here and keep your favorites stored on your own computer, then don’t worry because signing up for membership will allow you unlimited streaming and downloading. Plus, it is also worth mentioning that the servers of this porn site are really fast as well, so you won’t need to wait too long just to download one video, not like some of the other porn sites around.

Another advantage that GGG Devot has, that is unlike the other porn sites, is that they allow you to download and access full movies, which means that the videos that you are going to watch are not split into different scenes. First, the girls are all well-chosen. All of them are total hotties. Next, in most of the videos, the costumes that the porn stars wear are true to the grunge wild theme of the site. Finally, We know it’s hard to put a finger on it, but the videos that you will see here are created in a way that would tell your guts that they are really from GGG Devot.

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Marco Falco

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