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There are those who can’t stand seeing real people fucking in videos but rather prefer to watch animated characters in porn session. As strange as it may sound to some, yes, there are cartoon porn sites and if you are lucky to stumble on a good one like enchantae, you will never go back to watching other types of porn again.

Enchantae is for you who are the first timer when it comes to cartoon porn or even you who has been used to such cartoon sites. It is nothing like the other comic sites for porn. Enchantae is all about a land found hanging in the sky in the middle of nowhere. Its borders are empty space on one side and other similar islands on the other side. It is a land where little or nothing is known. Then the Priestess of Anoa, gets a magic locket and she decides to discover the land of Enchantae. It is a story of forbidden and illicit sex in a land of the unknown located somewhere in the sky.

If you are someone who loves comic porn, you are going to love the richness of the story behind Enchantae. To access the over 1000 pages of storyline, you will need to become a member. Even if this will be your first time on an animated porn site, you should still be able to appreciate the originality in the story.

The website for Enchantae is pretty simple and easy to navigate. It would seem the aim of the site owners was to make sure the visitor and possibly potential member does not stress up finding exactly what they need. Just as if to depict the idea of a land in the sky, the website is set against a sky blue background. It is easy to get the feeling of being in the skies. As you enter the site you easily notice the date when the last update was done and the date for the next update.

The menu tabs are arranged in the left-hand corner in fonts that are big enough they are hard to miss. On the menu you find tabs that include; one for the story, one for download, another for links. The story tab takes you to a summary of what the story is all about. If you click on the link tab, you will be taken to a page where links to over 100 comic web pages can be found. Then for those who will like to get cool pin-ups of their favorite comic character, they can click on the commission page to make a request. While the aim is for the visitor to be able to turn to a member at the end of their visit, they can get a free tour of the site and also get a few scenes on free comic porn.

While these are anime characters, the artwork that was done to depict the pornographic aspect of the site is simply stunning. If they need to know more, each webpage has a link to the join now page so they can click on and for only minimal price a month they can get all the benefits of membership.

In the Enchantae story, there are eight main characters. They are; Nerita, Peka, Jator, Chloe, Manis, Szardust, Imp and Troll. Nerita is the true replica of a sex Goddess. Her sole aim of existing is to make sure that all the inhabitants of the land get the most out of sexual pleasures.

As the priestess of Anoa, she is not supposed to have any form of sexual relationship with other members of the church. Somehow, she manages to have a secret relationship with the head of the guards; captain Jator. Captain Jator is the King’s special guard and the Queen’s lover. He could be considered a casanova as he spares no effort to seduce all the ladies in the court who are only too happy to be the center of his attention. Queen Chloe has everything she needs but she is still lonely and needs some extra fun. This she tries to get from Jator. While the queen is enchanted with Jator, the palace magician Szardust is enchanted with her.

Then there is Nerita’srighthand woman, Peka who does not mind taking part in the sexual rituals that occur in the temple; irrespective of whether it involves men, women or animals. A quick glance at the free preview presents you with some of the hottest scenes in the story such as the one where Peka is presented. She has her legs in the air as she is pounded by some very huge dick. There are much more of such scenes within Enchantae. Full access requires registering as a member.


Human meat grinding against each other and sweat rolling down their bodies is not everybody’s cup of tea when porn is concerned. Some people love porn but prefer it when it does not involve humans. They are happy to make do with anime in comic stories. They can still get off by reading the stories. That is how Enchatae has managed to gain a huge following with respect to comic porn. The site has grown in membership and is apparently still growing. On Enchantae, it is possible to become a full member and enjoy the story online. Alternatively, those who do not wish to become full members can buy a volume of Enchantae for just an acceptable minimum price.

Marco Falco

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