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Reviewed on: 25/01/2015
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MySleazyTeens presents you with a wide variety of sex entertainment from hotties drawn from across the spectrum of world communities. The girls are many and beautiful. You are presented with a mix of amateurs and pornstars just to make your world complete. Most of the content on MySleazyTeens comes in HD and high res form.

I loved the pink , white and grey background that sets you into a romantic mood with curious anticipation. You are presented with a set of user tools immediately you land on the home page of MySleazyTeens. There is a clear categories list that provides you with a quick summary of what you should expect from MySleazyTeens. There is a provision for using a keyword in the videos section. I realized that most of the scenes actually fall in more than one category, so you might see a flick you’ve watched earlier in a different category. If you are a photos fan, I might have to be the one to deliver the not-so-great news that you are not on a photos site on MySleazyTeens. Users are, however allowed to stream the many videos using the embedded Flash player that is robust and allows for seamless playback. I could also access the content from my mobile device. MySleazyTeens loads fast and easily. I loved the feature because it allowed me to watch my favorites, at my convenience, without raising eyebrows.

One of the up sides of MySleazyTeens that must be highlighted in any review is their initiative to present users with a variety of models drawn from across the world communities. It feels great to watch humanity united in sex urges and naughtiness. You get to watch Asian, European, and Afro-American, Latino, American, Eastern European and other models engaged in steamy sex encounters. You are also treated to lesbian action and hardcore bareback scenes featuring gorgeous models you could meet down the road in your hood.

I loved the steamy sex action that I was presented with when I subscribed to MySleazyTeens. The lesbian scenes caught my eye. You have hot sexy energetic cuties fucking with their friends in smoking hot encounters that get you, easily, carried along the sensual trail. These cuties that range from relatively adventurous and vigorous hotties to MILFs with a magic touch are captured in hot sexy pursuits as they hump, caress, kiss and finger each other in the most sensual way you can imagine. I loved the interracial scenes that feature black cuties being rammed away hard and fast by some muscular and virile looking white dudes. The girls heave and scream for more as the dudes insert the tools in new places in the pink holes all the time. I say new places because he girls seem to be touched in a different way quite often as the dudes explore the g-spot position.

You have a great collection of videos. Most of the flicks are in HD form. There are 932 videos in MP4. Each of the videos plays for an average of 24 minutes. You also get full length videos on your subscription. Although the platform does not give you any bonuses you will enjoy your videos at competitive offers and in their variety.


MySleazyTeens is a great place to sample variety across the board. You get a selection of models as well as some great flicks that make you as horny as hell. I loved their user tools that make navigation easy and fun.

Marco Falco

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