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I guess it’s my lucky day because I’ve just discovered the joys of Nippon Hd. This site caters to the lovers of Japanese women. From Osaka to Tokyo, Japanese women are going wild for Western cock, and they are more than willing to show it all off.

This website’s sole purpose is to combine all of the best footage they can manage to capture from their colleagues in Japan, who get the best of the best girls they can find across the Far Eastern country. They must not be hard to find because this site is filled to the brim with hot and horny Japanese girls craving not only white but black cock as well. Actually, Japanese women have a thing with black cock, they must believe in some magic or something. They would do anything for a big black cock getting shoved down their tight slits, and I mean absolutely anything.

What this site offers is excellent quality video’s updated on a daily basis. This means you will be finding new content like picture galleries and sex video’s every single day you come to visit. The quality of the video as well as the photo’s is exceptionally good too, with nothing less than full 1480p HD video’s at your fingertips. Letting go and seeing cute Japanese institute girls getting slammed from behind has never been this detailed. Who doesn’t love that tight wet feeling around their dick while a Japanese girl is screaming it hurts but she doesn’t want you to stop?!

This website is just absolutely perfect, not just because of its great content but also the way it’s designed and organized. And it gets better because you get access to the full Puba Network if you subscribe to Nippon Hd, which means an extra 35 websites of porn stars and themed sexy content.

The video’s you get on the Nippon Hd website are all neatly organized into nice categories -and you can be sure they can get freaky-, they’re very searchable through the advanced search engine and they are all in full HD. If you want to search for anything you might find interesting (which I’m sure you will) you can not only use normal search keywords but also search according to category or date added.

The lay out of the website is also responsive to screen size. It will resize the content in a smart way to whatever screen you’re viewing on. This means your kawaii Japanese hotties will look just as pretty on a evanescent screen as they will on a full size computer screen. If you want to download a certain video or photo you can do that at full resolution, or at a lower resolution if your bandwidth doesn’t allow for large sizes. The same applies to viewing the video’s, where you can lower the resolution while watching. The speeds are well maintained with a good internal engine making sure your video’s will stream at the perfect bitrate and no chokes in speed.

God, is there anything better than a mysteriously dark pair of Japanese eyes staring you down while she’s slowly lifting up that cute uniform of hers to finger herself. They must be doing something very right with their buddhism or something, because these Japanese girls are the absolute bomb. Bombshell after bombshell gets thrown at you when you go through the video gallery and you don’t even know where to start.

And the best of all is these Japanese stunners love to get really dirty and freaky. There’s gang bangs with whole armies of men spreading their loads over one helpless girl. You’ve got your good old sexy love making where hot Japanese ass gets some warm load served up. They love it when you do it to them slowly and end with some hard ass banging.

If you get absolutely thrilled at the sight of perky brown nipples on fresh white skin and long straight pitch black hair, this is definitely the place you want to be. They love to play dress-up and whip out the institute girl uniform or nurse outfit. Who doesn’t love getting a check up by the hottest nurse you’ve ever witnessed? The stethoscope will feel cold, but you will be feeling warm once she goes down and has a taste of your throbbing penis before obtruding it up her own ass. Oh yes, they love that too. They are so tight but they love to get stretched out. That’s where Western cock really comes in handy. I’m telling you, once you go with Japanese chicks, you’re never turning back.


Let me break it down for you why it’s in your best interest to subscribe to this website. I know there’s a million tube sites that will offer stuff that is somewhat similar to what’s being posted here. But there’s nothing across the whole of the internet quite like these Japanese ladies. The producers of this site must have some really good casting agents and some rigorous rules for getting your tight ass posted on this site, because I have never seen anything like this.

And what’s even better, you will get a full access pass to all other Puba Network sites with a shitload of other porn star sites. Just for that it’s totally worth the money. You’ll be getting more than 35 sites for the price of one! So if you’re ready to get your dick sucked by a pouty little Japanese girl (which I’m sure you are) I would highly recommend checking out the subscription, because it’s an absolute bargain.

Marco Falco

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