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Reviewed on: 31/10/2015
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Enjoy Gf Pass is one of the most versatile porn sites on the internet. There is literally everything a porn fan needs for entertainment on this site. If you are a fetish fan you are likely to get your reprieve on this site. The girls are hot, sexy, and daring. Models suck cocks, they are sucked right back by both dudes and fellow hotties. If you love to watch uncut cocks in action, you have it all here.

There is really no dominant background color for the site. Although there isn’t an elaborate search tool available, you are met with sufficient alternative browsing tools when you land on the home page. There are tagged captions of the girls spread down the contents page. The layout makes it easy for users to quickly decide on what videos they would wish to watch first. You also have a model index and scene descriptions to help you understand the action that ensues.

One of the most conspicuous aspects that stand out for the site is the variety they have to offer. They present users with a large range of sex scenes featuring single and group sex parties. There is live cam service available for users too. You are treated to a large variety of sex scenes involving gorgeous models from across the globe. The site can be accessed easily via mobile phone and tablets. I could stream videos at ease from behind the steering wheel as waited in the busy city traffic.

If you are looking for gorgeous models featured in steamy sex scenes with girls and dudes, you have this site to check out. The action is heightened with the enthusiastic chasm and charm of the models. I loved the choice of lingerie the girls wear. There is a lavish display of sexy heels and colorful stocking too. I loved the pantyhose and pied pumps. These accessories caught my sight as the girls received serious pounding from virile horny dudes.

Some sex action involves threesomes and double penetration; although the second cock is often a sex toy. The dudes also seem to be aroused to the maximum by rubbing their dicks against the puffy boobs of the gorgeous models. Most of the videos are decent shots that present great viewing content. A few of the scenes seem a little shaky though.

You have sufficient content to sample here. There are 1032 videos to sample. Each of the videos has a 10 minute playback time to it. You could also slow down the excitement with a visit to the galleries. You have 319 galleries with each set containing 25 pics.


There is a wide range of options for porn entertainment on this site. Users can select from a large pool of models or settle for the fetish scenes. If you are turned on at the sight of hot sexy girls sucking up cum from several dudes at a go, you have something to check out on enjoygfpass too.

The site presents a fair set of user friendly tools and great quality videos and pics. There is everything; from soft porn action to real hardcore scenes featuring amateur models as they try out sex stunts with both dudes and fellow girls.

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Marco Falco

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