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Many sexually active men and hot girls love their bedroom or rather erotic partners to be hot chicks. But what defines the hotness of a chick? Maybe the butt, maybe the complexion, maybe the leanness of the body while others even think it is character which defines the hotness of a chick. Despite the various features that make one consider a chick hot, one thing is paramount; every man and lesbian GF dreams of kissing a soft spot with the color of gold at the deepest part of a huge cleavage.

Every man and lesbian GF wants to feel two round and big breasts pressing tenderly on to his or her cheeks as he kisses his or her dream spot. Who is this man who does not dream of a tit job with his cock sliding between two huge and sexy boobs? Simply put, it does not matter what any person could define as beauty in a woman, big round boobs are hot and sexy. This is exactly what makes Leanne Crow a more than just beautiful woman.

Crow is a renowned model who resides in London where she is working on her modelling career and getting erotic and naughtily sexual with her fans. Leanne Crow is the mobile version of Leanne Crow’s mega site. This site was launched in June 2012. The site is highly active, currently it offers well above one hundred and seventy videos and one hundred and fifty image galleries. The content of this site mainly centers around Crow’s tits and there can be absolutely no question as to why that is so; the tits are absolutely amazing.

Leanne’s media content ranges from amateur to semi-glam and features sexy outfits, sexy poses, luscious wet tits and a few naughty girl-girl scenes. The media on this site is of high quality. One can browse easily through an expansive and comprehensive list of content categories that is offered on the site. Unlike most other erotic sites, Leanne Crow gives the viewer detailed information about each movie scene thus allowing the viewer comprehend and by extension enjoy the scene much more.

The network features a large photo diary with all sexy images. A new gallery is added to this diary each week. The pictures on the site were taken by semi-pro to pro level photographers. Only a few of the pictures reveal mild airbrushing, otherwise the pictures have good lighting and are brightly colored thus making them very clear. All the pictures have dimensions of two thousand by three thousand.

One is able to stream the videos from this network using MP4 player. The player is able to jump ahead immediately and has a five to ten second buffer. The player also allows for smooth playback and shows good quality videos. The playback feature is particularly important for this site as the videos on this site are extremely intriguing and it may be difficult for one to go through all the scenes without being tempted to playback a section of one or more of the episodes. Media uploaded onto this site is purely exclusive.

Advertisements featuring on this site also have content that is exclusive to this network. As a mark of class and an emphasis that porn in not the sole business of this site, loud music is played in the background of most if not all video scenes on this site. This is able to drive a viewer from a pornographic and erotic mindset to a mindset of interesting and funny naughty things being done by a hot busty brunette model. The music does not inhibit comprehension of the content by the viewer as the site offers a detailed description of each scene featured. The site mainly concerns itself with mild realistic mobile porn.

General porn videos including some hardcore stuff which feature the big boobs of Leanne Crow are also included in low amounts on the network. The network is updated weekly. Content can be uploaded on to the network each day. Over the past one week, one new video and one new image gallery have been added to the network. This network includes just one major site – Leanne Crow. This site is highly active and features pictures and videos of the day to day activities of model Leanne Crow plus a little naughty stuff like Leanne posing nude or having her big boobs licked.

Leanne Crow is the main model featured on her network. A few of her female model friends are also featured in a number of scenes. Crow’s main site does feature videos of HD quality which the mobile version of the mega site does not offer. However, the videos offered on the mobile site still have much quality, clarity and resolution in them.

Length of each scene in the videos offered varies. Downloadable videos of WMV format have dimensions of one thousand nine hundred and twenty by one thousand and eighty and come at a bit rate of eight thousand (8000k). Downloadable MP4 format video files have dimensions of one thousand two hundred and eighty by seven hundred and twenty and come at a bit rate of four thousand (4000k) while MP4 video files with dimensions of four hundred and eighty by two hundred and seventy and come at a bit rate of one thousand one hundred.

Leanne Crow is a single girl site. However, a few United Kingdom based girlfriends of the main character, Leanne Crow, are involved in some scenes. Leanne is a very busty brunette female in her twenties who is based in London, United Kingdom. Media content on this site is centered on her beautiful body as she poses nude before the camera and is captured in naughty and sexy girl-girl scenes.


Who does not like Leanne Crow? If at all there are things that one does not love about Crow, there is one thing they will obviously like about her; her bust. Those boobs are absolutely mind-blowing. Staring at pictures of Leanne expose her beautiful body and her prominent breasts whilst imagining yourself having your cock slide between that bust or yourself licking those big tits is in itself entertaining.

What of watching those boobs being licked or busy on a tit job? That experience can only be described as electrifying. The network make everything much more by their frequent and timely uploads of exclusive and interesting content.

Marco Falco

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