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Let’s admit it. Softcore sex has gotten a little weak now these days. I mean, it’s okay at first but as you go along, your primal instincts tend to develop a hunger for the hardcore side of sex. We need to feel that real torment and anguish that the girl is going through. We need to really see and hear her getting whipped and tormented to the point where she just couldn’t take it anymore! If you’ve reached that level of porn addiction, then I’m glad and proud to present to you ‘Wasteland’.

Wasteland is a porn site that specializes on serving you with unique and hardcore BDSM types of porns! You’ll just drool over all the content of girls getting mistreated and fiercely getting whipped and even make them cry for your mercy! That’s what we’ve been looking for! This is what’s missing! Now it’s finally here! But that’s not all, there are a lot that’s in store for you my friend! If you think Torment is the optimum power of BDSM, then you are mistaken! There are a whole lot more you could do with a girl inside a chamber, and you’ll be seeing it all here in ‘Wasteland’! But let me warn you, this site is fucking addicting, so you better be ready to get sucked inside this abyss of sexual fantasies into reality! Accompany me as we review this site called ‘Wasteland’!

The Website has this cool atmosphere around it. The background of the site is black, and the cover picture in front of you at the homepage, is like a slide picture. It features the latest torments and movies for this week. I’ve noticed that in almost all these images, the background of their set is pure darkness. Really nice. As you scroll down, you’ll see all the featured movies for this week!

The description is also skillfully written to give you precise details about the what’s going on! I’d also like to remark the Exclusive Content Page. In this page there are a lot of juicy stuff ready for you! It’s amazing how they’ve managed to put a lot of stuff in this site! Not only videos but stories of fictions too! Really matches the audience’s preferences! Another place you’d like to take note of is the Store! In the store, they are willing to sell you SEX TOYS, BDSM GEARS and Other stuff! I know it’s impossible to believe but they really do! Some of the things they sell are Vibrators, Dildos & Insertable, Male, Masturbators, Anal, Cock Rings, Cock & Ball, Nipple, Suction, Sensation Play, Cuffs & Collars, torment Restraints, Strap-ons & Harnesses, Chastity, Hoods & Blindfolds, Gags & Muzzles, Whips & Paddles, Kink Lab, Beginner’s Torment, BDSM Furniture, Sex Machines, Latex, Electro Sex, Medical, Pony Play, Jewelry, Women’s Fetish Wear, Men’s Fetish Wear, Masks and some Gender Bending.

Just look at these stuff! I don’t even know what some of those other things look like! But other than that! Be sure to read their instructions on how to use them! They also have a page that gives you tutorials on how to do safe BDSM sex! Be sure to check those out too!

Now the girls in this site are plain awesome. They would literally let their Dom do ANYTHING! ANYTHING I TELL YOU! It’s really satisfying to watch those tools being used while the guy’s dick is inside these girls! Those electric tools are pretty intense too! Just makes me wonder if the girl’s being electrocuted, is the guy’s dick getting electrocuted too? Just something to think about. Anyway, the models are seriously pretty. There are even Japanese models here, hell, they have models from all around the world! I’m serious! Interracial are all over this crib! It’s simply jaw-dropping! Or should I say, sperm-dropping! Now for the video count, this site has already stocked up over 1,500 original exclusive movies and still counting! All these videos are also updated every week! And they are all HD FULL 1080p! There are also featured movies that has reached the level of international film titles! It simply means it gained fans on an international scale.

Another record breaking amount from this site is the 2 million images they have in their galleries! That’s the web’s largest BDSM gallery! Also, don’t forget the ever beautiful Japanese girls! Japanese practically INVENTED BDSM! No joke there! Try and see some of these Japanese do this stuff and you’ll notice how attuned they are! Man those girls can’t stop screaming!


This site has great content when it comes to BDSM. Not to mention the great video quality. There isn’t a single video in this site that would give poor video qualities. I also like the fact that they actually made a library of BDSM fiction stories. Those stuff are great reads when you and your girl are about to heat up the night! Also, don’t forget the store! Man that store was just amazing! I’ve never seen a collection of that many tools all at once!

This website is truly more than just a site! It has invested for greatness! I’d definitely tell people about this site! Hardcore sex from other porn sites’ got nothing to say when it comes to Wasteland!

Marco Falco

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