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Trike Patrol
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Reviewed on: 08/12/2015
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Trike Patrol is a porn site that features Regina, Jimmy and a couple of their friends on tricycles in pursuit of sexy hot Filipina models who seem just as eager to jump into the suck with the boys. It is an adventure fun and sex escapade as the boys pick up the cuties and take them to remote locations for sizzling sex encounters and other romantic engagements.

There are varying color combinations that decorate the site’s background. The site’s home page is lavishly filled with pairs of sex mates and friends.
There are over 300 trike patrols that feature adventurous escapades of the boys in search and pursuit of the sexy Filipino girls. The videos are all in HD form. I loved the fact that the sex encounters are bareback. It is arousing to watch the hotties fuck without plastics around.

Navigation is a mixed bag of fan and adventure. The first scenes fuelled my curiosity and triggered me to pursue what would prove to be a rather jerky and bumpy ride across the terrain. I finally got to the action zone after scrolling through the maze of content and losing my way a little. The reward was worth my adventure .The site has a few leads that help the user to access content but I must say that it would help a lot more if they added some more browsing tools.

You can stream the videos from your PC or mobile device. I could enjoy the steamy sessions between the models and the dudes from anywhere while on the move. There are several bonus sites to access including Thairotica, Lana Lee’s World and Pleasure Me Asia. However, I wonder whether anyone would seek for more when they have presented over 6000 hours worth of viewing on the site. I could not find any live cam offers or extras. Yet, I think the sheer lavish display of attractive girls in the nude, and the steamy sex scenes were more than enough extras anyone needs for the ultimate sex entertainment. The site provides viewers with exclusive entertainment. You will hardly see the girls or dudes on any other site. If they double up, it must be in nicely tucked away sites that are inaccessible by porn mongers such as me.

The Filipino girls are definitely sexy and daring. I love the way they feel calm and at home before the camera. The dudes on the other hand are enthusiastic to get their cocks inside the mounds of the pretty girls. The dudes seem to be inspired by the exotic show of beauty and the petite size that compares with the relatively larger bodied European women. The girls enjoy every moment of the tricycle ride. They can be seen in romantic casual wear and high spirit as they chat away. They seem unconcerned with wherever the strangers are driving them to. The boys, of course, seem to have only one thing on their mind: sex. This is evident because there is a lot of sensual sparking immediately they arrive at a chosen location that they disembark from the tricycles. I loved the way Mila spreads out after an erotic hand job with one of the boys. Her male partner does not waste time after the hand job.

There is sufficient content to explore on this site. You have over 283 video scenes available. Each of the scenes comes with a 20 minute playback time. I wish they could provide more options but going by the fact that MP4 is a favored format on many platforms, I guess they present the best options. You can stream the videos with the help of the embedded Flash Player. I loved the quality of streaming. It is an experience worth your while.


The site is full of adventure. The navigation might be a little jerky but you can be sure to get the ultimate display of beauty from the hot Filipino models and the adventurous dudes.

Marco Falco

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