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Reviewed on: 04/02/2016
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Seeing all the porn videos of a softer type can exhaust you, as there is question whether the people in them have any life at all, especially after an anticlimactic orgasm. Well, good to know that some sites still have the hardcore in them, and Punish Tube is one of them. From ass shattering to pussy torture, which is actually pleasure, tune in and get ready to see some of the most hardcore action that exists on the internet.

A nice black and red mix of colors furnishes the home page, which is straight to the point. Even the pre home page, where you need to confirm that you are of full age and understand that the site contains explicit content, has a video in the background, showing hardcore ass fucking and a face getting smacked with an erect dick, you can easily deduce that the level of hardcore is really high.

I have really come to love the site’s simple design, where it brings you all the videos on the home page, well, not all of them, but a huge selection. Upon joining, which is free and a simple registration process, it becomes even easier to browse the pages with the well-made sorting options. The site itself is a stranger to lag, as it becomes obvious after a couple of minutes that you will enjoy a very speedy experience. I have also found it to be lovely on the mobile phones, as well, which is another plus, as the optimization is nicely done.

When it comes to hardcore, there is no better choice than to go full on into it. This site has made hardcore come to life in high definition videos which have about them such a sharpness and such attention to details, especially since you are able to see the details. Are you up for squirting anal orgasms or BDSM action? Sure, they have all of that, and more, since hardcore is in question, one cannot hold short on the quality.

Pain is the name of the game and the girls love it, each and every part of the spanking or nipple pinching. There is one video which I particularly liked where a girl gets her nipple pierced by a hook, and then gets pulled on. You get to see her go wet from all the pleasure she feels while at the same time feeling pain. Another thing that came to my notice are the daily updates, on a site already full of porn, that adds up to a lot of videos. I should mention that they are all available for downloading, which is exceptional, given that the membership is absolutely free.


Hardcore fans will never be disappointed by this site, so hop on the train of pain and pleasure and ride it out to Punish Tube, to have yourself a very pleasant and stimulating time. See all the high definition action come to life as they get their inner beasts and dominating spirits out to show you what hardcore action can look like if done properly and with passion. Never have I seen so much pleasure and so much pain combined, and it is the best experience yet.

“Site no longer updated! Have a look at more paid porn sites.”

Marco Falco

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