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There are times when we seek more than just the mundane and mindless fucking on the internet. We get too tired of watching the very same thing in just probably a different packaging over and over again. Isn’t it just too boring watching a man just pound a woman endlessly and that’s it? And most time these men’s faces are not even shown and the porn video is literally all about the fucking. And how much genuinely are these porn videos made for women? Maximum of the porn videos online for public consumption is created keeping in mind a man’s wants and needs. Seldom have ever a woman’s desires been taken into consideration whilst creating a porn video. So often, do these porn videos get very mechanical looking. Sometimes all we long for is to seek some honest passion and desire in these porn videos. So, what do you do if this is what you are seeking for? Well, we have some amazing news for you in that case. Now comes a website that is designed not just keeping a man’s wants and desires in mind but also a woman’s needs and desires. And this website is called JoyBear.

So, what is JoyBear? It is not exactly a porn website, but more of a website that offers erotic films. JoyBear is from a London-based production house. This website only features high-end erotic films on this website. These porn videos are not about the fucking only. They all have a storyline involved. This makes it even more interesting to watch. Women love this porn site so much that this website has received the ‘Good for Her’ Feminist porn award in the year 2013.

The sex in these videos is more like a beautiful love making scene other than just hardcore sex. JoyBear is an exclusive website. In fact, it is so exclusive that this website has been featured in several famous printed media. Some of them which we are sure you would familiar with, and they are Cosmopolitan, Esquire, The Times and the most famous of all CNN. You know if such powerful media houses are speaking about this website then, this website is a real exclusive and the very best erotic website out there. They have won multiple awards over the last couple of years too. Read on further to know more about this fantastic website.

The layout of this website is drop dead gorgeous. We could not stop staring at this website. And there is literally nothing we could find that we could take out faults on. Everything is just simply perfect. From the placement of the content to the branding logo, just brilliant. It is quite evident that they have spent a lot of pounds in order to design this website, and not just that these guys have managed to hire some of the best designers out there too. They clearly had a very clear direction in the minds before building this website and these guys at JoyBear have managed to pull it off very well.

The colors they have used it majorly black and have a lot of font in golden color. Yes, even just reading that makes you realize that these are such luxurious looking colors and they work so well with each other. They manage to make the website very classy, elegant, and posh looking.

The tour page of this website is beautiful. There is a video that plays showing of the content of the website. Might we say, that this is an amazingly shot and edited video. It is more like a promotional teaser. Below it is a welcome note from the developers and under that are the awards they have won. Below it there are links to several chapters and movies that they feature in. All in all, you will be in awe when you see this website.

Well, now comes the time we reach the most interesting part of the review, and that is all the women and even the men that JoyBear has got to offer for us. We have to say, the line-up of models they have in the board will just turn you on so instantly. The women here are sexy, full-bodied and are all natural. And the men are so damn hot and sexy, that you would just want to lick every inch of their rock-hard abs and just he held in their warm embrace. The videos they have here are so sensual and they just don’t turn you on physically but also make your insides tingle.

So, JoyBear has over 150 movies. All these movies can be streamed directly online with the help of the embedded flash player or they can also be downloaded directly from the website in an MP4 format with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and at a rate of 6000 kbps. All the content they have on their website is in full high definition. 


This is literally the best site out there, if you are looking for highly erotic adult content. They make you aroused so well. The line up of models they have, mixed with the quality of service they provide along with the highly affordable prices they have, it makes sign up to their exclusive content necessary. And let us not forget the fantastic looking website they managed to build. That itself will turn you on immensely. We are completely sold to this website and there is nothing more we could ask from them, because this site is perfect.

Marco Falco

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