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An outstanding GF porn site, FrenchGFs brings some of the most beautiful French chicks and their kinky sexual performances for your viewing pleasure. It is a well-known fact that the French are among the most outlandish chicks in the world when it comes to sex. The open-mindedness with which they approach to sex is charming to watch and can give an awesome jerk-off session.

Not many people know that the French were the harbingers of porn and no wonder, they give the most awe-inspiring porn performances in the entire world. The sluts have very beautiful bodies that they take care with utmost attention. From their breasts to curves to neatly trimmed and shaved pussies and perfect asses, the sluts know how to make a man cum hard, and that’s what the sluts on FrenchGFs will do. When there are some awesome sluts like the French, would you want to check any other site? If you have a fetish to jerk-off to sexy French sluts, you should consider subscribing to this awesome site, FrenchGFs.

For your benefit, we have produced a review of FrenchGFs that will give you a deeper insight into what it offers. There are two aspects to this review that we have considered. First is the Design and Features and the second is the Girls and Videos. At the end of this review, we are confident that you will be motivated to subscribe to FrenchGFs and jerk-off to sexy French cunts showing their outstanding sex skills.

FrenchGFs has a very simple and neat design that allows you to focus only on the videos that are presented to you. With no ads and unnecessary flashy backgrounds, the design on FrenchGFs screams of simplicity. There are three key factors that contribute to the awesome design that the creators have adopted for FrenchGFs. The first is the color scheme, the second is the way in which the videos are arranged and the third is probably the responsive design. A final element that makes this site equally awesome is its subscription fee. 

Let us start with the color scheme. A subtle color of black and white gives a very classy look to FrenchGFs. Black is used as the background color for the header. With a logo on the left, bulleted summary in the centre and the Join Now / Get Instant Access link to the right, the header provides all necessary information at a glance. The logo reflects the color of the French flag, blue, white and red. An image of the iconic Eiffel Tower adds to the French look for the site. The bulleted summary presents what the site offers. 10000+ videos, 300+ pornstars, free access to 9 sites, and 50+ fresh videos every week. FrenchGFs is also available in five languages, including English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. 

The body of the site has a white background and the videos are arranged in a grid on this background. White is non-intrusive and allows you to focus only on the porn while forgetting about everything else. The videos are available in HD format and give you a clear picture of every minute detail that you would want to watch. 

The site is very responsive, and can easily adapt itself to the screen size. This allows you to carry your French girlfriends with you wherever you go, in your pocket. FrenchGFs is optimized for mobile and iPad phones. 

The last aspect that we will discuss is the subscription of this site. FrenchGFs is amazingly affordable, even if you opt for the monthly plan. But you will not want to opt for this plan if you find that the three-months and six-months plans give you significant discounts that you will not want to miss out.

Let’s get to the most interesting part of the review, which focuses on the sexy girls and the kinky videos they feature in.  Each slut has something that another doesn’t have, but when we consider their overall features, all of them will clear the benchmark with consummate ease. Check out their breasts. They are perfectly shaped, round and firm, inviting a hard hand to grope and fondle them. The nipples, when erect, resemble mountain peaks, and yearn for a warm mouth to suck them. Their curves are awesome and their slim waists are waiting to be squeezed while fucking in doggy style. The asses are tight for a nubile, while lose for a cougar or mature chick. And the pussies are truly pink and ever inviting a cock to fill them up with meat and cum. The sluts are quite diverse too, and feature French ebonies, redheads, brunettes, blondes and dark haired chicks, and they are fucked by both white and black cocks.

The videos are truly outstanding and diverse too. 10,000+ HD quality porn videos will give you a truly out-of-this-world jerk-off session. There are couple sex videos, solo masturbation performances, orgies, gangbangs, group sex, threesomes, foursomes and many more. You will find sex in the kinkiest of places, such as a tennis court, in the gym, in the park, outdoors, indoors and even in the workplace. Enjoy sluts sucking a cock, deepthroating it, taking the cocks into their pussies and asses with élan. Cumshots, cum facials, cum eating, cum swallowing, cunnilingus, and creampies are the climaxes that will linger in your mind for a long time.


If the foregoing discussions are exciting you to the point of no return, then it is time for you to head to the subscription page. However, it is also time for concluding this review. FrenchGFs is an awesome site, featuring the most beautiful French sluts, and performing in the kinkiest videos for you. Getting dirty on the camera, these girls are game to anything that is required of them. When a site such as FrenchGFs is so affordable and gives you access to 9 bonus sites, and a host of other goodies, isn’t it time to hit Get Access Now?

“This website is no longer online, take a look at the best paid porn sites!”

Marco Falco

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