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Butt Formation
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Reviewed on: 27/04/2017
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One of the newest yet the most promising European porn site, Butt Formation goes an extra mile by featuring the hottest and the most gorgeous models in the porn industry. What makes these models extra special is the fact that these girls have nice booties. Butt Formation has Euro xxx scenes that won’t let you down. It has everything that you’re looking for in a porn site. The contents are purely HD European porn.

I am impressed with the layout of the site. First of all, it does not have an old times vibe in it. The layout is flat and very modern. It also looks professional. The color scheme and the way the elements in the page were placed are a match made in heaven. I also admire the logo of the site. It is simple, minimal and catchy. You cannot see much on the free tour page aside from a slideshow of videos showing these girls butts while they workout. The slideshow keeps on repeating itself. The site also loads quickly most especially in the videos section, where there are lots of video thumbnails. The site also has helpful features like the browsing tools, a rating tool, and bits of information that guides the members for a better user experience.

The videos are tagged and can be searched using the keyword lookup tool of the site. You can also use the categories filter, which filters the videos that belongs to the specific category that you chose. The site does not publish photo sets so you can only see the movies section in the entire site. The movies section is where you find all the great contents in the site. The videos have thumbnails, that show a sneak peek of what the entire scene is all about. It also comes along with a short description or a summary of the scene. There is also a tab where you can select different streaming and downloading options, which are all the best qualities that you wanted to see in a porn film. There is also a list of related and suggested videos that is displayed in the site. You can select from this list which videos you want to watch next.

However, you can find banner ads anywhere in the site but these are just minimal. They surely didn’t disturb my viewing experience. Overall, the site is appealing. It is also easy and convenient to use. Aside from the website quality, the quality of the site’s content does not fall behind too. The site allows you to choose between three excellent quality options. First is the HD or High Definition. Second is full HD or full High Definition. Last but not the least, the 4K Ultra HD (High Definition) quality. Any of these three options will already make your jaw drop. Aside from an excellent quality video, Butt Formation also has exclusive videos too. The best news is that you can download these videos without limits.

Now that we are done with the site’s design and the contents, let’s move on to the next big thing that’s keeping members attached to this porn site. This is no other than the bonus contents that the site includes with your membership. You might think that you already have enough items to get your money’s worth but Butt Formation has more surprises in store for you. They have bonus sites like Filthy and Fishing, CosplayBabes, WCP Club and Joy bear that comes free. The exciting part about this is that they reveal one additional site every time you renew your membership. As a member, I think this is an exciting way to keep me as an active member of the site. Who knows what you’ll be getting for the next cycle, right?

European porn stars are known for their well-sculpted bodies. Those foxy eyes and gorgeous faces match well with their hourglass figure. What’s more appealing about the models in Butt Formation is that they are more than just a pretty face. They are in fact goddesses and I think everyone would agree once they see those tight and perfect asses.

These girls look lovely whichever angle you try to look at them and it’s pretty difficult to pick a favorite among these 20 sluts. Front view and they have a nice pair of breasts that jiggle every time they walk. Back view and they have that nice booty that’s perfect for fucking from behind. You can see from the scenes how these girls work hard to get that gluteus. And while watching them workout, you also can’t help yourself from getting hard.

The videos are usually shot in POV style and you will definitely get a nice view of those asses. Some girls wear tight fitting jeans or leggings. Some girls wear skimpy shorts where you can almost see those flesh. Some girls also go all the way to wearing a gorgeous bikini that shows those butt cheeks. The cameraman is also a great tease by shooting up close to these girls’ booty. Of course, who would forget to reward these girls? After a long day of keeping themselves fit, these hard working girls deserve some hardcore grind. Butt Formation does not only focus on workout videos but there is also hardcore sex here. You can find all sorts of actions like threesome, masturbation and lesbian sex.


If you want some booty, don’t worry, Butt Formation got everything for you. In fact, it does not only have booties but it also has hardcore sex. The models are not the type that you want to ignore. You’ll surely keep your eyes glued on those butts regardless if they’re working out or fucking. The site is an excellent choice if you want to discover new porn sites with high standards. 

Marco Falco

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