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Reviewed on: 10/03/2017
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No lying, women with the biggest boobs are usually the hottest and as such, all I can do is make sure that you are able to select the girls that you want and enjoy both the photos as well as the videos that the site has to offer.

Apart from the hot videos, there are also some photos of your favorite celebrities either naked or dressed seductively with their boobs enhanced to, once again, make sure that your deepest, most erotic fantasies have been brought to life, which is most certainly something that will make you the happiest human being in the world.

But first, you will have to become a member first. And the good thing about the latter is that you can get to access it with so much ease and then there are some hot features in here that will help you access Bearchive in the best way possible.

The moment you enter Bearchive, the captivating bluish background will always make sure that you are all sorted out as far as relaxing and getting in the mood is concerned. And then from there, you can take a deep breath and start checking the videos that you might want to enjoy.

The general outlook of the site is simple and easy to grasp, even for the first timers like myself. It only took me a couple of minutes to know where I could find the photos, the videos, where to join as well as where I could find the original photos of the celebrities whose boobs had been enhanced. There was also a place where I could contact the remarkable artists and submit my photos and alas, get my favorite celebs’ tits enlarged. 

Bearchive has got a remarkable searching tool that will always get you all sorted out fast and all you need to do is put down your foot and complete the easy registration process, which you can do it with ease by accessing it on the homepage. Just look and you won’t miss it out.

In here, you find sex celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez all topless and with their boobs digitally enhanced to be too darn big for your own pleasure. And even if you aren’t the kind who is into boobs, I am sure you will immediately harbor some erotic thoughts of wanting to whip some cream on that juicy pair of tits and sucking them all dry.

And all of your fantasies won’t get to stop there, there are also plenty of amateur girls in here with all sorts of hair color and some have tattoos who get to kiss, pet and touch each other as slowly and as seductively as they could, just so you could get entertained.

And also, you wouldn’t even need to be a lesbian to fall in love with all of the slow, soft and steamy action that is going down in here at the end of the day. And before you get the chance to check out this site, know that these amateur girls are all horny and as such, will put up a good show for you.

Bearchive, in addition to the smoking hot amateurs who aren’t afraid of going to lengths to make sure that you are entertained, will give you a good reason to enjoy some good quality videos, as well as some hot photos. The videos, as well as the photos of your favorite celebrities with enhanced boobs, will always get you off in the right manner even if you don’t have a thing for big boobs. They get to morph all of these boobs so perfectly that you wouldn’t even tell that they are enhanced because they will look so natural.

Apart from the hot photos and videos with celebs, there are also those will amateurs on some girl on girl action, with their boobs also morphed to bring all of your erotic fantasies to life. There is some light petting, touching, fingering and kissing. And as such, I do have a feeling that once you have become a member in here, it would be rather too difficult for you to go somewhere else for your erotic entertainment.

Finally, all of the videos are very clear and you will most certainly be way on top of the game at all times thanks to the HD videos that are creatively directed.


Bearchive has got some hot, juicy and truly daring lesbian videos that I am sure will give you another reason to go back there not so long after you were there the last time. And how do I know that? Because it has happened to me as well as a number of people that I know of. And it isn’t as though I am a big fan of lesbian videos.

First things first, I have to admit that the girls in here, both the models as well as the MILFs that they are fucking are smoking hot. And since most of them are usually naked virtually all the time, you will get that amazingly hot pass just to sit tight and watch their dripping wet pussies being fingered, sucked or inserted with a panoply of lubricated toys in close range so that you can get the chance to get off from the titillating experience.

All of their vaginas are well shaven and as such, the cunnilingus is usually something that you need to look forward to. And also according to my experience, there was nothing close to pretending in here like it is the case with a good number of sites that I had the misfortune of visiting. In Bearchive, the models in here enjoy everything that is going down, which has got its fair share of advantages altogether.

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Marco Falco

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