21 Naturals

21 Naturals
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Reviewed on: 22/09/2015

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21 Naturals is an amazing porn site and really sets the standards very high when it comes to quality porn content. It is all about natural lovemaking instead of impulsive, rough, naughty sex. 21 Naturals is part of the network of 21 Sextury which makes it a very trusted site, it has a lot to offer with great HD videos, amazing girls and great sex and because this is a member site you won’t have those bothersome ads that create chaos in your viewing experience.

The models have very natural bodies hence the name 21 Naturals. Their bodies are perfectly shaped, graceful, very sexy and enticing. If you become a member, you get access to a library of erotic videos that shows you what lovemaking is all about; featuring hugs, kisses, gentle licks on pink pussies and fucking sessions and that will make you wet if you are a woman and hard if you are a man. The girls are presented in a soft colored tint naked and clothed for your pleasure, some playing with themselves and some getting fucked in the most gentle ways possible, it almost reminds me of feminist porn. These girls love what they are doing and very much excited to have sex the way they always wanted to have.

The tagline of the site “The art of passionate lovemaking” basically describes what this site is all about. So, if you are looking for a very refreshing and different website that can provide you exciting and fresh lovemaking videos, this could be the website for you. The girls are the best of the best, the quality of the videos are top quality HD, the locations are very different, the men are also ripped, and they all seem extremely confortable in their lovemaking.

The layout is similar to layouts of other professional sites, meaning, the use of black background, but the difference is that the movies have a pastel tint that makes them soft and delicate to look at. The design is very simple and beautiful; you simply scroll down and look for the video you want to see, depending on the sex act you are looking for, click on it and that’s it. The website was definitely created focused on women, the letters of the titles of the videos are in pink, and the tagline of the logo says “the beauty of innocence”.

The videos are all erotic stories for females, even the logo features a pink 21. The thumbnails on the videos are not as hardcore as on other websites either, they picture gentler sex with a very sexy woman on top, while the men kisses them and hugs them. On the opening page you see a wall of thumbnails of movies, if you click on them (in the mobile version) you will see a trailer of the movie and a gallery of pictures from the movie and if you scroll down you will see a list of the models they have with their pictures. On top there’s the logo, the log in bottom and an announcement saying that they update the site daily. On the computer version if you click on a video you get a message to join the site for a nominal fee.

The girls look physically mostly Americans and Latinas, either blonds or brunettes with medium sized breast and perfect shaped bodies. They are enjoying the sex and complete with the lovemaking of their dreams.

One of the sexy videos on the site shows a man walks in and starts kissing a woman passionately, then sucks her breasts and finally started to fuck her gently at the kitchen counter. The name of this sexy brunette is Alexa Thomas and she enjoyed the hard fuck very much. The story behind the video is very erotic, is about them being a monogamous couple that found each other and enjoyed having sex everyday, since the chemistry is so strong.

Another video is with Minnie Manga where she takes a shower in the morning and Toby surprises her in the shower and fucks her hard in wet pink pussy. She also enjoys the shower head for herself but the best part is when she rides the hard cock passionately and squirts multiple times during this wet fucking session. Videos like these are just a few examples of the locations they have, they also have videos shot in some of the exciting locations like bedrooms, floors, chairs and sofas, pool, kitchen and many more and proper attention is given to select a location and video script to make it exciting for your viewing pleasure.

Additionally, the website features other hot pornstars like Maria Rya, Felicia Kiss and Susana Melo that also have some amazing videos on 21 Sextury. Some of the categories featured in the website are: vagina sex, blowjobs, pussy licking, and masturbation among others and all the girls featured in the videos are really hot and badly need a fuck to fulfill their sexual desires and they love to show their perfectly shaped bodies on camera. Even the titles of the videos are erotic, some of them are: Sensual Workout, Inner Beauty, Secretary Dreams and Refreshing Love.


This is simple, elegant, gentle and pleasant. This site is mostly for women, but many men will find it sexy too, most probably sensitive men, that understand that sex is also about feelings and connection with your partner. I would recommend joining this site, because of what is has to offer: gorgeous, precious, beautiful lovemaking instead of raunchy, dirty, hardcore sex.

Marco Falco



Trial:1 days: $2.95
Month:Our Price: $9.95
Year:$7.95 / month
Billed yearly at $95.40
Gift Card payment:No

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Reviewed on:22/09/2015

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