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Reviewed on: 23/10/2015
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Ray is the man behind the birth of True Amateur Models. Ray is driven by the love of hot amateur girls. Also, he has no expertise in the photography arena. His deep love taking photos of these hot girls made him gain enough courage to approach the girls and ask them to “star” in the media of his site.

The site’s content entails lots of nudes and closeups. It is amazing how daring some girls to an extent of going farther. At the moment, the captain here is uploading High Definition clips regularly besides the gallery updates, as well as a massive archive, weekly updates, and sharing entirely actual amateur girls.

Rays’ website is truly amateur compared to its layout. The site’s layout is simply a throwback design, appearing to have lasted over 10 years ago. The photos and video clips like to be shot in a bedroom and living room. The girls are normal just like girls you see every day. Odds are they were passersby or they were bumped into at the malls or stores in the USA.

Growth of Ray’s video knacks is noticeable if you compare his past works with current updates. The clips look just like what they are: economical films made with reasonable outfit in Ray’s living room as well as bedroom. The radiance is not a professional one and the camera work is not creative, even though it is thoroughly done and he has advanced from making use of tripod stands to shooting movies with handheld shooters.

Downloadable clips come with 720p and a speed of 5mbits. This comprises an excellent reproduction. Other videos are of a lesser quality even though they come with a 720×1280 resolution. Silverlight functions flawlessly when streaming online but chances are that you have to install the Silverlight plugin to your internet software or application. The image archives comprise similar viciousness seen in his movies, although are possibly a bit complex and solid in quality. The image has 1600×1200 resolutions and are good to look at. I browsed through the updates of his gallery online but I did not find downloadable zip files. Actually astounding amateur shots with most incredible resolution and lifelike skin tones I have lately.

It is amazing that these are genuine amateurs, devoid of any color filtering. All other porn sites appear to be concentrated on taking “barbie” shots, though by evading that, this site rules highest in terms of the practicality aspect. Each time I visit a site like True Amateur Models I am wooed by the huge number of girls ready to suck and bang on camera. Every person under the age of 25 currently is a pornstar and the single problem is seizing them.


True Amateur Models is a perfect pick for folks searching for an authentic amateur site with typical girls. The girls have good looks, some girls get nude, others even go much further, and Ray is their amazing host. The media downloads are crisp, the images are decent, and Ray is always hunting new girls to star in his films and share to his loyal followers and members. These girls are hot and they love to play so let’s watch them go forth and have fun.

Marco Falco

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