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Pawn Your Sextape
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Reviewed on: 25/11/2015
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Are you out of cash? Do you have a smoking hot damsel? Are you searching for more mullah to spend? Do you own a camera? If you answered yes to the above questions, then, Pawn Your Sex Tape crave to have your clip. Or you can bunk off all that and simply savor everybody else who presented their thrilling amateur home-produced movies and images. In addition to some rather entertaining amateur material, you also get quite some lovely bonus content at no cost with your membership, together with thousands of magnificent DVDs.

The site design is pretty simple. You will really have an easy time moving from one place to another on the platform. There is nothing at all to complain regarding the navigation. With the well-arranged lay out, your maneuvering around is rendered seamless. You cannot ignore the brilliant color scheme incorporated here. It is a rare scheme and I have not come across with such on any other site out there. The background color is also a feature to talk home about.

The members’ section here comprises a basically alike setup. When you punch in your logins on the members’ area firstly, you will be led to the main page of the network where you will get a glimpse of a catalog of the most recent updates to the network as well as a listing of the scenes that are highly rated. The videos and pics are downloadable. The vids can be watched online as flash movies and the images can be saved in file folders for offline viewing.

Looking at the episodes themselves, it appears like every scene matches well with the pawn your sex tape theme defined in the introductory section of this review. The dissimilarity is that they not giving the names of the couple, they just provide a single film of them together, and the film just comprises hardcore action as combatted to the content from the twosome’s common living. In essence, these are amateur porn films, and, they do still have the home-produced appearance to them and comprise some sizzling fucking and sucking content all the same. The other episodes fit in to the theme set out by the guys behind the website.

As with the rest of the sex tape websites I have come across, the video is mostly taped by the partner so the camera positions are mainly shot in a point of view manner. The hardcore videos show the couple heavily banging, kissing in the shower together, the chick sucking dick, getting facialed and taking jizz in her mouth. Also, you will get to see the couple going about some of their more individual day-to-day customs that is the chick taking a shower or getting dressed or putting on makeup while completely nude or donning skimpy panties. They also perform other normal goings-on outside as well as inside the house such as doing the laundry, washing dishes, cooking, shopping at the mall, and playing outside with their dogs.


Pawn Your Sex Tape is a thrilling homemade porn movie source with an innovative means to acquire its material. The amateurs are genuine, the sex is sizzling and the material is home-grown. With 4 connected websites merged at no cost when you sign up, this strikes me as a great deal within the niche.

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Marco Falco

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