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LucyV, which was officially launched in 2012, is very easy to access and in addition to that, it’s a very clean site to the point that you will look forward to all of the soft erotic content that is going down in here. And then back to Lucy herself, she is the epitome of a BBW goddess, which is something that will surprisingly appeal to both the lovers of BBW women as well as those who aren’t that much of big fans.

Both the videos as well as the photos do have an impressive quality. and once you have signed up to the site, you will most certainly have your fair share of hot girls, who are Lucy’s friends from the glamor girls’ world that you can gain an automatic access to the moment you decide to be a member in here, which will most certainly work out for you rather too perfectly.

LucyV has got everything that you can expect from a world class glamor model – a ton of smoking hot selfies, shots in steaming hot lingerie, hot sundresses and so forth. Heck, even you will have the pleasure of seeing her in denim shorts and so forth. And as such, I would recommend that you use the searching tool in order to find the videos and photos that Lucy is in and kick back and enjoying everything good that comes out of this at the end of the day.

There are short titles that are very easy to use to make out what was going to come next even before you have the pleasure of checking it all out, which is as impressive as it is time-saving. For instance, a title like “Taking selfies while sunbathing” will clearly show you of the kind of photos of Lucy V that you ought to expect.

Generally, the site is very easy to check out and as such, you will save a lot of time. There are also twenty bonus glamor girls that you can enjoy at the price of one which makes LucyV my all-time glamor girl erotic site altogether.

The moment you gain access to LucyV for the first time, you will realize that you made one of the best porn related decisions ever because there is nothing short of good quality erotic content for you. First things first, Lucy is one hot BBW oozing with sex appeal and raw sensations especially when you watch her in her tight, black lingerie or taking selfies outside without her top, groping on her big, juicy boobs.

I am sure that a lot of guys just venture in her site to look for some amazing, wanking content. And the same is extended to the kind of videos that she has the pleasure of presenting the world. Lucy knows her trade very well. And since the high definition cameras love her, the end result is usually high-quality videos and photos that you love.

She has a curvaceous butt. And getting to see how tight the camel toe is, which is sometimes wet from all of the excitement, then you can understand just how amazing I felt, and how you will feel the moment that you choose to become a member of this site, which is too darn impressive at the end of the day.

LucyV is also known to seduce you in various places including her house, the bedroom, the living room, outside as well as by the swimming pool. And once you become a member, you will gain access to girls such as Mica Martinez, Jessica Jinx, Jennifer Ann and many others. Pick out the girls that you find to be attractive according to you and from there, everything else will be history.

These hot glamor models aside, the videos are also bound to make you feel as though you are on top of the game. There is always a description of each video or photo album that will most certainly get to work out in your favor, which is partly the reason as to why I loved this site and everything about it.

All of the videos are in HD. And in total, they are about 3000+ across the related network which is quite a hefty number, which is always to the member’s advantages because the last thing you want is wasting your money on a site that has ten videos only.


I am super confident that once you have become a member of LucyV, then you will get all of the erotic entertainment, sometimes even so much more than you have bargained for which is an amazing feeling altogether.

And as such, I would recommend that you make the time to ensure that you are signed up so that you can get the opportunity to enjoy yourself as much as I did. There is bonus stuff that you will fall in love with as well, apart from her juicy, bra busting boobs and her curves. There are plenty of behind the scenes shots that I am sure you will love as well, which will give you the chance to know more about Lucy as well as twenty counterparts.

Like I had mentioned earlier, the videos are all in HD. That will go a long way in making sure that you are always enjoying everything good that the site has got to offer which is something that I most certainly enjoyed and as such, sure that you will as well.

There are some features too that will help you get you all sorted out. 14 bonus sites are at your disposal to make sure that you are always getting a constant flow of erotic soft content. In conclusion, if you know you love redheads, BBWs, and soft erotic content, then I am one hundred percent sure that LucyV should be your second home!

“This site is no longer updated. You can find more material among the best paid porn sites.”

Marco Falco

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