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Lovely Cheerleaders
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Reviewed on: 05/02/2017
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Have you ever been to major sports events or maybe just a normal event where people compete in sports? If you have, then you probably noticed that in every sports team, they get a number of cheerleaders on the side, chanting their theme, instilling unity and spirit in everyone who supports the athletes. For one, cheerleaders are the “life” of every sports event. They usually do their thing in half-time shows and ever since people started noticing their existence, a competition is also dedicated to these lovely and talented cheerleaders. Despite the presence of male cheerleaders, the majority of the people look forward to their female counterparts, mainly because they are such a pleasure to look at.

Let us be really honest here, I am sure that maybe once or twice in your existence, you have always wondered what it would look like if these ladies were actually naked. At least for me, that seemed to be the case. I still wonder once in a while but not as often because porn seems to make really good use of the theme above anything else. One porn site that ultimately gives the theme justice is LovelyCheerleaders.

The name itself is “lovely” and you are sure to find more lovely materials in here. Sextronix Partners, a huge porn network handling really amazing porn sites, launched this little piece of heaven in late 2003 and even until now, it has garnered a large audience for its unique material content and unsurprising great features.

Great porn sites come with great site designs and even cooler features. LovelyCheerleaders is no different. With the content they are bringing to the table, this amazing porn site also comes with great site layout, design, and interface. Of course, being a pay site, you will need to register as a member before indulging in all the glorious content the site offers to its members. If you have dealt with that, then you are good to go. Also, if you want to check the site out, you can avail of their trial membership for a cheap fee but your access during that period would be limited and you can only stay on that trial membership for two days. You can log in your account with your user name and password. Accessing the videos is easy and will not need you to re-enter any of the two.

The site design is minimalistic and simple, as they have opted to keep the site in black and white, with the slightest tinge of color on the side. The user interface is user-friendly and absolutely easy to understand. The navigation is a piece of cake and things are really easy to find around here.

The links are found in a menu bar on top of the site and it consists of the ‘home’ button, the ‘movies’ button where you can find all the video collections, the ‘pictures’ button where you will find all the available photo sets, the ‘feeds’ button where you can access the site’s live feeds, the ‘find sex partner’ button which is basically an extra feature of the site where you can find sex partners and stuff like that. You also can access the ‘DVD theater’ button from here where you will be prompted to find a collection of their DVD’s. Next to this is the ‘hot sites’ button where you can find a list of their sister sites and all. Of course, it does not end there.

There are also links you can find on the side bar. It is positioned on the left side of the site and it contains really important ones. From there you can also access the ‘home’ button, then a link to your favorites, followed by the last galleries and videos you have visited, then a link to all your rated items (photo sets and videos), and a secure log out button. Below this, you will find an array of sorting and filtering options that can help you with your browsing woes. This initially means that you can sort and find items by dates, by titles, by updates, by rating, by most viewed, and by alphabetical order. If you feel a little lazy having to go through all that, an advanced search bar is there to the rescue. A pagination link is also available when you feel like breezing through everything.

Right now, the site has around 300 photo sets that contain 70 photos inside. Each of these photos are hi-res and the sets can be downloaded in zip files. You can comment and rate the videos, as well as add them to your favorites.

Cheerleaders are meant to be hot and cute – which explains why all the girls here in LovelyCheerleaders are hot and cute. With their banging hot bodies and pretty faces, they rock the porn world we have succumbed into.

The scenes they do here are absolutely amazing and are really great in general. Hardcore scenes and softcore scenes are available and, because you get to see these ladies in their cheerleading outfits, prepare for a roleplay sort of thing. The scenes are in really good quality and can be downloaded or streamed as you like.

Downloaded files can be saved in MP4 or Windows format. Streaming will only need a Flash player in your browser. There is no download limit and the updates are going fast. Right now, the site hosts several hundreds of videos – around 300+. All of which are in decent and great quality.


LovelyCheerleaders is an amazing place to find quality porn. If you are into cute girls and have a uniform fetish, this site is perfect for you in a lot of great ways. Do not miss out on this one – this site is superb and has tons of great potential.

“The site is no longer updated, take a look at the other best paid porn sites.”

Marco Falco

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